Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Marlbank beautification

Apologies for the awful photo quality – it’s a photo of a newspaper photo that was a tad fuzzy to begin with – but you get the picture (so to speak): new planter boxes and flowers adorning the entrance signs to the hamlet of Marlbank. I wonder where they got that idea…

I’ve been catching up on back issues of the Tweed News, and an item in the July 24 paper caught my eye and made me smile. It was a photo of volunteers with the Marlbank Beautification Committee planting flowers in newly built planters around that hamlet’s “Welcome to Marlbank” signs. Marlbank and Queensborough are two of the hamlets that help make up what I like to call the Greater Tweed Area, and the welcome signs in all the hamlets are identical (except for the name of the hamlet, of course). So Queensborough’s signs look like the ones in the photo above. But what else do they have in common? Well I’ll tell you: the Queensborough Beautification Committee had a year’s jump on Marlbank for building planter boxes and planting flowers around the welcome signs; I reported on that project in a post last July, and you can read it (complete with photographic evidence of the project) here. The Queensborough committee took good care of the newly built and planted flowerbeds all through last summer’s drought, and did it all over again this year, keeping the entrances to our village attractive.

So while I say good for Marlbank for this nice improvement, I also feel quite proud of Queensborough – because it showed the way!

5 thoughts on “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  1. Members of the QBC met with the Mun. of Tweed Persons and Property Committee on Wed Aug 7 to discuss the riverside “park”. The P & P Committee members complimented the QBC efforts several times and reported that QBC efforts has already had a positive influence on Marlbank, Thomasburg & Actinolite, not to mention private property owners in Queensborough, in terms of sprucing up the environs.

    Now, the real reason we’re beautifying Queensborough is to encourage you, Kathy, to organize the “Queensborough Woostick” rock festival [as per my comments relative to the Benny Hill “Woodstick” skit at

    • Hahaha Graham! Yes indeedy, a rock festival for oldsters – just what Queensborough needs! (Not.) But seriously, I think it’s great that the beautification efforts of the community were officially recognized by the municipal council – and I think it’s delightful that the other local hamlets are following suit!

  2. It is a great show of pride by all…in their communities who put forth an effort. Marlbank got the idea from Tweed and also got help with plant selection from those who put together the Tweed planters.

    • Good stuff, Trish! And if I’m not mistaken, even as I write this Tweed council is holding budget deliberations that will affect, among other things, how much money goes to beautification projects in the hamlets like Marlbank and Queensborough. I hope they won’t forget us!

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