The Manse’s happy herb garden

herb garden at the Manse

I just wanted to show you all that I really have managed to have a respectable-looking herb garden at the Manse. It was something I’d wanted to do from the outset (though it was not exactly a realistic goal at that point, given that Raymond and I bought the house in January!), and that early this summer I actually got around to. And look! The herbs are doing quite nicely there in their sunny spot below the pantry window.

In fact, let’s talk about chervil for a moment; it’s something people so rarely do, don’t you find? Chervil is one of the herbs – along with chives, parsley and tarragon – that my idol Julia Child suggests for her omelette aux fines herbes. (Have I ever mentioned that I can make a bang-up omelette à la Julia? If you like omelettes, you owe it to yourself to be at our house for one sometime. There’s nothing better for a nice light supper than an omelette, a green salad with tart lemony vinaigrette [Julia’s recipe, of course], a good baguette [sadly, problematic in this country, outside Quebec], and a glass of red wine. Though things get even better if Raymond’s Famous Frites, which turn it into a slightly heartier supper, are added to the plate.) You rarely see chervil for sale in the grocery store – even the fancy-schmancy grocery stores like the one we are lucky enough to live close to in Montreal – and often when you try to grow it yourself it gets rather peaky (as Mrs. Weasley of Harry Potter would say) and doesn’t produce much. But just look at my chervil, people! (That’s the one at lower right.) It is the healthiest-looking chervil plant I have ever seen! Growing right there at the Manse. Just waiting for some of it to be chopped up for an omelette.

To which there is only one thing to say:

Bon appétit!

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