An Adirondack chair is just the thing.

Adirondack chair at the Manse

Our new – to us, although in reality vintage – Adirondack chair, in the shade of the ash tree on the south lawn of the Manse. Pretty inviting, non?

As I’ve mentioned before, the Manse’s lawn is fairly expansive. It’s not a rambling estate or anything like that, but when a person has to rake up all the spring debris or fall leaves, that person (who happens to be me) gains a new respect for the size of the property. As I’ve also mentioned before, the lawn is wildly uneven, making it perfect for some challenging croquet or bocce games that have not yet taken place on it, but will, you can be sure.

And when it’s all nicely mowed (which our neighbour John looks after, doing an absolutely excellent job) and there’s been enough rain to keep things green, it is a very handsome lawn indeed, if I do say so myself.

And what does a nice green handsome lawn need? Why, an Adirondack chair, of course!

Not everybody loves Adirondack chairs – or, as they’re sometimes called in Ontario, Muskoka chairs. Some people find it uncomfortable to sink so far down into a wooden chair, and they also find it hard to get out again. But I quite like them. I think they look like the epitome of summer; and I like the fact that their wide arms give you lots of space to park the book you’re reading, your phone and/or camera, and perhaps a refreshing beverage. And I also find them extraordinarily comfortable.

So I was quite chuffed to see a gently used cream-coloured Adirondack chair out on the sidewalk in front of Madoc vintage/antique store Kim’s Kollectibles this past weekend. But there was no price tag on it, so I thought maybe it was just there for the customers (or maybe the patron) to relax in.

But happily for Raymond and me, when I inquired of Kim’s very affable husband, who was minding the store in her absence, it turned out it was indeed for sale. And at a great price! “Five bucks,” he told me. “You can’t beat that.”

You know what? You can’t. And as the photo at the top of this post proves, I didn’t even try. Does that Adirondack chair not look like it totally belongs at the Manse?

8 thoughts on “An Adirondack chair is just the thing.

  1. Which of you gets to sit in it ?
    I sense a second one in your future, especially if you can find it @ $5 !

  2. $5?? The dark green lawn looks expansive and lush, and mighty deserving of such a fine chair. Kudos to your neighbor, John, for a fine job. What are the tall, orange flowers curling against your prairie fence, and the shorter white flowers? Is that the end of your property or does it continue beyond the fence? Can’t wait to see it all for myself. Well done scoring that chair, R&K. Hugs!

    • Those flowers in the background are lovely, aren’t they, Eloise? And for that we have to thank our neighbours, gardeners extraodinaire Sylvia and Brian. They have a very large property and their landscaping and gardens are just astounding. They are an inspiration – and I am sure they would be delighted to give you a tour when you come visit us at the Manse!

  3. This is a scene we should examine closely, to cheer us up — considering the long, hard winter we’ve had this year. What a gorgeous, peaceful place. And what a beautiful lot on the other side of the fence, too. I take it that that is the back yard of your neighbour, John? Won’t it be wonderful when the flowers start coming up again? And those chairs, for $5 each?!! Unheard of. I’ll bet you’re glad you came across those.

    • Hey Sash, I’m awfully glad you dug up that post from last summer – it does cheer one up to see the flowers and greenery, doesn’t it? (And marvel all over again at what a deal we got on that Adirondack chair.) The property you see in the background, over the fence, belongs to our neighbours Brian and Sylvia, who have a garden that is to die for. I am hoping I will learn a thing or two from them!

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