Thank you for your internet advice! (And keep it coming.)


So many people in the Queensborough area have responded to my plea for advice on how to get reasonable internet service, and believe me, Raymond and I appreciate it mightily. We will be carefully parsing and studying all your comments, and very possibly bothering you with follow-up calls or emails seeking more information. (And I promise I will respond to your comments individually, but once again this evening the cloud cover here in Queensborough is low and the signal on my phone is impossible; it is yet another reminder that we desperately need proper internet service. If I get this post up it will be a miracle.) Meanwhile, I thought I’d share this funny photo sent by our Queensborough friend Dave, which does kind of put things in perspective…

And hey, all, happy Labour Day evening! If tomorrow is the start of a new school and/or work year for you, I wish you health and energy and curiosity and fun. All the good stuff.

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