How nice to have a cat at the Manse!


One recent evening Raymond and I had a very pleasant visit at the Manse from our Queensborough friends Jen and Ed. And what made the visit particularly delightful was that Jen and Ed’s cat Roady (full name: Roady Otis Montgomery Jebediah III) decided to tail along after them. Of course, being cat lovers of long standing, we invited Roady in too, and he had a fine time exploring the corners of the Manse. (In the photo he’s checking out the living room.) Given our part-time status here we really can’t have a full-time Manse cat; and our Montreal cat Sieste would scream blue murder and make our lives a misery if we tried transporting her back and forth between the two houses. So it was awfully nice to have Roady – a beautiful, smart, well-behaved and affectionate cat – come to see us. Come back any time, Roady!

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