The refrigerator of my dreams may be in Tweed.


Raymond and I were driving through Tweed this past Monday (Labour Day) and I was looking out the car window at the main-street shops, as I always do, when I spotted something miraculous in the window of Bush Furniture: a beautiful red retro-look (but brand new) refrigerator! As some of you may know, red is my favourite colour, and retro is my favourite – well, everything. Had the shop not been closed because of the holiday, you can be sure I would have been in there making inquiries. Not that we’re ready to invest in new appliances for the Manse just yet, but this could be extremely useful information for future reference. Though much as I adore bright red, I don’t know that it’s the right colour for the Manse’s kitchen appliances. However: I figure that if that retro-look fridge comes in such a great colour as red, maybe, just maybe, it also comes in our kitchen’s original midcentury colour. Yes indeed: turquoise!

12 thoughts on “The refrigerator of my dreams may be in Tweed.

  1. Well, if you place your Khrushchev hot-line phone on top of this crimson fridge, you won’t be able to answer the phone, it being so well camouflaged…

  2. I thought turquoise was your favourite colour and Raymond was the red fan.
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    • Ah, no – I cleverly put aside my fondness for red for a while, taken as I was (and continue to be) by the midcentury turquoise that the plaster walls of the Manse’s kitchen were painted in – well, in midcentury. And I continue to adore turquoise and to think it has a large role to play in the Manse’s renovation. But red will always be my favourite colour, which is why my head swiveled right around when I saw that fridge in the window of Bush Furniture! Now, some have made the case that turquoise and red could even go together in a midcentury kitchen, but I’m still pondering that notion.

      • Ah, but Katherine, remember the photo I showed you of my family’s early-60s kitchen? Turquoise cabinets and that spiffy red arborite countertop? I, at 12, thought it was the height of fashion, but I have been told by some people that my taste is all in my mouth.

      • That was exactly the kitchen I was thinking of, Brenda! I think that, done right, the two colours could work together – though I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in my abilities as a decorate actually TO do it right!

      • Katherine, I’m sure with your Montreal flair you could pull it off impeccably.

  3. The refrigerator is lovely, I believe it was made by Elora Stove Works in Elmira, Ontario. There was a story about the business and it’s products in last Friday’s Globe and Mail – Report On Business, magazine insert, page 18. The article mentions that Oprah Winfrey owns one of their refrigerators. The guts of the retro appliances are modern machines supplied by KitchenAid, Elmira then builds the ‘designed to order’ exterior. There is a choice of colour.
    I love your blog. My husband was born and raised on a family farm near Madoc, and so much you speak of is familiar to us. Carol Broadworth

    • Thank you so much for both the kind words about the blog an the extremely helpful information about the red fridge, Carol! I will go back and find that ROB magazine article. This is encouraging news, though somehow I suspect those fridges don’t come cheap.

      As soon as I saw your last name I knew you would have a connection with the Madoc area. I’m so glad you’ve found Meanwhile, at the Manse, and I hope you’ll sometimes share your and your husband’s take on our neck of the woods!

  4. Hi Katherine, In this video, you will see lots of turquoise, including a beautiful fridge. (And the recipe for the cake ain’t bad, either!) I wonder what make of fridge this is. She certainly has a very colourful kitchen.

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