“‘Tis an unweeded garden that grows to seed…”


“…Things rank and gross in nature possess it merely.” I was thinking of that quote from Hamlet (which I hope I’ve got right; I’m doing it from memory, and Grade 12 was a long time ago) when I took this photo of the Manse’s front garden a little while ago, when we’d arrived back in Queensborough after an absence of several weeks. I had rather forgotten what havoc a long period of not being weeded can wreak on a garden, and was disheartened by what I saw – and you can see why. Anyway, I chose this photo, and that quote, tonight because Raymond and I are in the midst of a Shakespeareathon at the Stratford (Ont.) Festival, and Shakespearian language is kind of buzzing around my brain. Also, the fact that there are beautiful (and well-weeded, it goes without saying) gardens on the Festival Theatre grounds is quite inspiring, though also humbling; I have a long, long way to go on the gardening front. But I do want to assure you that the Manse garden HAS had some weeding of late, and no longer looks nearly this bad. Let’s just say that “things rank and gross in nature” are a little less in evidence. For now, anyway.

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