What do you think: did we need twin red trucks?

another red Ford Ranger

Had we snapped up this baby (“AS IS,” proclaimed the for-sale sign in the windshield), we could have had two bright-red Ford Rangers at the Manse. I am happy to report that we do not.

Something caught Raymond’s eye when we were driving back home to Montreal from the Manse in Queensborough on a recent weekend: a bright-red Ford Ranger, looking to be of about the same vintage as his (and differing only in that it had an extended cab), with a big “For Sale” sign on it. It was in a lot off Highway 7 just a bit outside of Perth. Really, said Raymond – only partially in jest, I have come to realize – what could be better than one red truck if not two red trucks? He joked that we could each have one for running up and down the roads (to Madoc and Tweed and notably the dump) at the Manse. It was just a joke, though – or so I hoped.

Red Ford Ranger #1 at the Manse

Here is Red Truck #1 at the Manse. Did we really need another one?

But I started to wonder when, as we were heading back to Queensborough from Montreal a week or so ago, he suddenly veered off the highway and into the lot where the truck was; he had decided we should examine it more closely. “Yikes,” thought I: “Can he possibly be serious? Two red trucks?” Fortunately for all concerned (and their bank accounts), we rapidly determined that the newly discovered extended-cab red Ford Ranger was in pretty tough shape.

“As is,” said the for-sale sign in the red truck’s windshield. There was lots of rust and whatnot on the body. It was a project, as they say, and lord knows that with the Manse to renovate Raymond and I have more than enough “project” on our hands. So we got back into the car and drove on westward to the Manse. (Though we did take note of the phone number to call about the truck. Just in case, you understand.)

The upshot of the story is that we do not have two red trucks, and thank goodness for that. On our return trip to Montreal we were both interested (and quite possibly, in Raymond’s case, a little chagrined) to note that the extended-cab bright-red Ford Ranger was gone. Sold, apparently.

Clearly someone else had taken on what could have been our project. I have to say I am pleased about that. Raymond? Umm…conflicted.

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