Gas prices: yet another reason to like the Queensborough area

gas price in Madoc

You all know, if you’ve read more than about twelve words of any of my posts, that I love getting away from the hurly-burly of the big city and escaping to our Manse in ever-so-quiet Queensborough, Ont. But aside from the great joy of hearing nothing but birdsong when I wake in the morning, or of being able to attend a Sunday service in the pretty, historic church that I grew up in while my father was the minister there, or of the delight I find in learning (slowly) about what it is to have and maintain a garden, there is another great thing to love about being at the Manse.

People, I am talking about gas prices.

For some reason unknown (to me, at least), Madoc – one of the two villages, Tweed being the other one, that are each about 15 minutes from Queensborough – seems to be the home of the lowest gas prices in all of south/central/eastern Ontario, and don’t even get me started on gas prices in Quebec.

Quebec? Okay, now you’ve got me started. (Or, actually, I guess I’ve got myself started.) But let me just give you an example of the outrageous gas-price difference between Montreal and Madoc. At the top of this post you can see what the price per litre was in Madoc over the recent Labour Day weekend. And here is the price in Montreal on the Friday night of that weekend:

gas price in Montreal

That’s a difference of 26 cents per litre! And yes, I know that I sound like a crusty old coot in going on about gas prices, but gracious, that is quite a difference.

So yeah, low gas prices in the area are yet another reason to appeciate being at the Manse. And here’s another quirky bonus: the owner of the property immediately adjacent to the Ultramar gas bar where I took the Madoc-gas-price photo is evidently – very evidently – highly ticked off about something or other, and has created something of an art installation to express this unhappiness. In dozens of visits to this gas bar I’ve never quite figured out what the problem is, but I never tire of examining the grumpy but interesting signs the property-owner has put up:

grumpy gas-bar neighbour in Queensborough

“Whose bread I eat/His Song I Sing”? I have no idea what it means. But I think it’s awesome.

6 thoughts on “Gas prices: yet another reason to like the Queensborough area

  1. And yet, between Madoc, Marmora & Tweed, Madoc is not usually the low-price leader: typically it is the gas station on the east end of Marmora.

    Other “local” low-spots include the Ultramar between Belleville & Bayside on hwy 2 and the Ultramar at the junction of Telephone & Wooler roads in Trenton. Shannonville can also be on the low-price vanguard.
    As for the sign-wielding malcontent near the Madoc Ultramar, he is apparently upset about the nearby stream periodically flooding its banks [duh, he’s on a floodplain] and blames politicians of all stripes for a natural phenomenon. It is ironic that it is “for sale”: one would think that highlighting a “problem”, especially in such a gaudy manner, would deter potential buyers.

    • Thanks for your roundup of good local spots to get low gas prices! Most helpful – though I’m very happy to help the local economy by buying gas in Madoc (and very pleased that the prices there make it appealing to do so).

  2. And the recently re-started gas station nearer the main intersection of Marmora, which has been offering even lower prices, I guess trying to build up a clientele again. I’m in North Bay this weekend and nearly had to have oxygen when I had to refill the tank!

  3. This is my default gas stop on 7 too. And as for the signs, was just there yesterday. New slogans include: “Wrotten bread Killed my dog NO REFUND Chinese plastic gravy Have a nice day LOBLAWS,” “Superior Court BANS OUR FATHER RACISM,” “Yankees fed jewish-nazi-like Powerful Propaganda,” and, still, “for sale Private investment.”

    • Hi Jeff! Yes, I too have noticed that our gas-bar-adjacent sign artist has come up with some new material recently. The “wrotten bread” dog situation is highly puzzling (as is the rest), but hey – it’s part of the adventure! And as always, the gas is usually cheaper there than at most other places. A win-win situation!

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