Come see what the local artists are up to

wooden bear carved by chainsaw

Queensborough wood carver Ed Couperus – who makes exquisite burled bowls – has just recently taken up chainsaw carving as well, and some of his early works adorn the yard of the house where Ed and his wife, Jen, also a wood carver, live. I don’t know whether Ed will have this bear on show at the Tweed and Area Studio Tour, but since the bear makes me smile I thought it’d be a good way to wade into this post about local artists.

Queensborough Community Centre

The Queensborough Community Centre, our historic former one-room school, will play host to four local artists – woodcarvers Jen Couperus, Ed Couperus and Catherine Wilson, and Dale Tucker, who paints in oils and acrylics – on the Tweed and Area Studio Tour this weekend. You are invited to stop in and check it out, and have a bowl of chili!

There’s a big event in the TweedQueensborough area this coming weekend, and if you don’t know about it, you should. It’s the Tweed and Area Studio Tour, where you get to poke around the scenic byways of our area and stop in at artists’ studios to admire, learn about – and perhaps buy – their wares. This year there’s a new stop on the tour: the Queensborough Community Centre, where four artists will be showing their work, there’ll be delicious chili and homemade desserts for sale, and you can pick up a hot-off-the-presses copy of the new Queensborough walking-tour brochure.

Two of the four artists at the community centre are our friends Jen and Ed Couperus, who do absolutely beautiful things with wood (and whose work I’ve written about before, here; and their own website is here). Jen does (among other things) amazing animal and bird carvings, exquisitely detailed – you really have to see them to believe them. Here’s a detail of one, which Raymond and I have been lucky enough to see in person:

beaver carving by Jen Couperus

This is a detail of a carving of a beaver by Jen Couperus, which she made into a lamp. That lamp would look so great in a lakeside cottage… (Photo from Artistry in Union,

And Ed makes gorgeous burled bowls like this:

burled bowl by Ed Couperus

As nice to touch as it is to look at! (Photo from Artistry in Union,

Ed has also recently taken up a new craft, chainsaw carvings. The bear at the top of this post is one of his, parked outside the door of Jen and Ed’s Queensborough home, and it makes me smile every time I see it. (And especially the time I came upon it holding that axe.)

Blue Frog by Pauline Weber

You don’t exactly see a blue frog every day – but Pauline Weber did, and she captured it in this photograph. (Photo by Pauline Weber, Black River Photography)

Also on the tour again this year will be the home studio of photographer Pauline Weber, on Black River Road not far from Queensborough. Raymond and I stopped there on last year’s tour and were delighted with Pauline’s work, picking up two large photographs and several greeting cards featuring her work. Her images of the Hastings County area are lovely, and she has a keen eye for the beauties – and sometimes eccentricities, as in this blue-coloured frog – of nature.

But there is much more to see on the tour – 14 stops in all, some featuring multiple artists – and I promise you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. There’s jewelry and painting and fibre art and glass art and pottery, and lots more. A printable map showing the stops is here. The tour is Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 28 and 29), 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.

Go ahead, make a day of it. Art is fun; witness Ed’s axe-holding bear. And it’s terrific to see what your local artists are up to!

4 thoughts on “Come see what the local artists are up to

  1. There are twelve new artists on the tour this year, and in addition to the Queensborough community centre group they include Pat MacFarlane, a talented watercolour artist on Queensborough Road (tour stop #13),Hilary Rice, fibre and mixed media artist, who creates exquisite wall hangings (tour stop #6) and Tineke Doornbosch, an additional guest at my place, tour stop # 12) who creates unique, charming garden sculptures (take a look at her work at Lots of great new works to see! Now back to baking cookies for the tour weekend!

    • This sounds absolutely great, Pauline! The folks who put together the studio tour (and I’m guessing you’re among them, hard-working local volunteer that you are) really do a splendid job. And I understand that the weather forecast for the Queensborough-Tweed area for this weekend is quite good. It should be a fantastic weekend!

  2. Had a nice stop at the community centre on Saturday and a pleasant chat with Jen (the beaver lamp does kind of stop you in your tracks, doesn’t it?), swapping stories about beavers on her property and at our old place, Skinner’s pond in northern Ontario. And I picked up your lovely little Queensborough walking tour booklet! Spectacular autumn colours on the back roads, Queensborough as the destination… Who could ask for a better day?

    • I’m so glad you were able to take part in the Studio Tour, Brenda, and especially (of course) that you got to its exciting new Queensborough component! You’re right: on a beautiful fall day, Queensborough is about as nice a destination as there is.

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