Making connections.

double rainbow at Goose Rocks Beach

A rare double rainbow over an oceanside tidal marsh (and wildlife preserve) after a gorgeous storm at Goose Rocks Beach, Maine, summer 2013. Photo by me! What does this have to do with making connections in the Queensborough area? Read on.

Raymond and I like to call Friday night “the best night of the week.” It’s the end of the work week (though given Raymond’s very recent retirement, not so much for him), and the night when we can, if we choose, stay up late and watch a movie (or two), or old episodes of great vintage TV shows (All in the Family! Petticoat Junction!) on the late-night programming of channels like DejaView. (Okay, the person watching those old shows is me, not Raymond.) And in the morning, we can sleep till we’re done! (Which in Raymond’s case is 7 a.m.; me, a little later.) Long story short: a night to relax.

But this Friday night I’ve been very, very busy. Doing what? Making connections! All thanks to you good folks who have taken the time to comment and share information right here at Meanwhile, at the Manse. For instance: last Saturday night, I did a quick post featuring a vintage (1964) calendar from McCoy’s Grocery in Madoc, Ont. (Madoc being not far from the Manse in Queensborough.)  I asked what people remembered about McCoy’s Grocery – and what a response there was! People who remembered it, people whose relatives had owned it and worked there – and people who were interested in connecting with each other to share those stories. So I spent some time this evening putting those people in touch with each other.

Also this evening, I was able to make a connection between someone who recently commented on a post from summer 2012, about the annual summer service at Hazzard’s Corners Church, and someone from the central Hastings area who may very well be able to help her with her family-history research. And in the course of the telephone call that accomplished that, I spoke with someone with whom I’d attended Centre Hastings Secondary School in Madoc many years ago, which was just so nice.

Connections everywhere!

When I decided to write about those connections, I was a bit stumped for an image to use for the post. (As any blogger will tell you, you have to have pictures.) But in rummaging through photos I’d taken in the last couple of months, I came across the rare double rainbow that appeared after a ferocious and beautiful storm early last August when Raymond and I were down at the seaside in Maine.

And I thought that double rainbow was just about right. Because it’s rare – like people being able to make connections with long-ago events and friends and workmates. And because it’s lovely.

Like the best night of the week.

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