Local crime, or: the 50-inch-TV caper

Sony 50" TV

No, this post is not about the beauties of Greece. It’s about a stolen 50″ Sony TV, which is what this is. Before it was stolen, that is.

The French have a phrase I’ve always liked: faits divers, literally “random facts.” It refers to the little news items you might find anywhere in your newspaper, often used to fill a small space that needed – well, a filler. They tend to be about crime of some sort; the French website L’actualité des faits-divers, for instance, has the categories (I’m translating here) “Accidents, Attacks, Murders, Disappearances, Rapes, Oddities, Kidnappings.”

The crime reports in the local press in the Queensborough area sometimes remind me of French faits divers. I have to say I was especially taken by this recent one from the Tweed News:

Marmora – On August 27, 2013, Central Hastings O.P.P. [note to readers: that’s Ontario Provincial Police] responded to a residential break and enter on [name of street and hamlet omitted to prevent embarrassment to anyone] in the municipality of Marmora and Lake. Investigation revealed that a 50″ Sony flatscreen television stolen from the home may have been left on [name omitted] Road with a sign attached reading “Free.”

And that’s all it said. But people, I think there’s a story here. Possibly a rather entertaining one.

2 thoughts on “Local crime, or: the 50-inch-TV caper

  1. Hmm . . . The conspiracy theorist in me senses that the “break-in” might be an inside job, as in dump the 50-inch TV somewhere, claim it was stolen, and collect the insurance money. There is a lot of insurance fraud going on.

    Or there could be a bigger conspiracy, of course. Let me check with Art Bell . . .


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