2 thoughts on “Westward and home

  1. Entirely unrelated to the sunset, Gayle has a receipt from the Madoc Creamery, dated March 1953. Her father had sold a quantity of cream to Mr. Spencer which was duly noted. He had also bought butter @ 63cents /pound. I hear folks complain about the price of butter and, as a former dairy farmer, I get upset. Checking with a friend, I garner the fact that .60-.70 was the going wage in this area in that time. So, I believe that means that someone would work about one hour to buy a pound of butter in 1953. How much of an hour would you have to work today to buy a pound of butter? I rest my case.
    P.S. I hear about a wee book written about the history of Queensborough is around. How would I get a copy?

    • Grant, I totally know why my sunset photo made you think about the price of butter then and now, and here it is: that photo was taken very close to what was once the site of the Elzevir Cheese Factory Company – and I’d be very surprised if that company didn’t also produce butter from the locally sourced milk and cream. And point taken on the cost of dairy products, and fairness of same. My dad would totally, totally agree with you!

      Meanwhile, as to our newly produced Queensborough walking-tour brochure, containing lots of interesting and quirky historical facts – please see this very evening’s post on how to acquire a copy!

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