The turquoise surprise from Ikea, thanks to Raymond

Raskog kitchen cart from Ikea

Meet Raskog, soon to be at your service for stashing stuff when you walk through the Manse’s front door and into our kitchen. All thanks to Raymond!

You know what a good guy Raymond (that’s my husband) is? Well, I’ll tell you. Yesterday he visited an Ikea store, primarily to pick up some of their inexpensive large packages of candles for the dinner table at the Manse. “Did you get anything else?” I asked him. “Oh, a few little things. They’re in the trunk of the car,” he replied vaguely. A little later, though, I put on my thinking cap. Really, can anyone walk out of Ikea without making an impulse buy of some piece of furniture or other? And also, why was Raymond keeping his “few little things” hidden in the car trunk? I got suspicious, in a good way.

“You didn’t by chance buy any surprises?”

Aha. His little smile gave away the fact that he had. And what was it?

It was Raskog!

Raskog is a wheeled metal cart that I’d spotted on an earlier visit to an Ikea store, and that I thought would be just the thing for the Manse kitchen. It would replace the overlarge sideboard that came with the house when we bought it – my post yesterday was about trying to get rid of that beast by offering it up on Kijiji free of charge to anyone who’d take it away – by being a spot to toss the things that one tosses when one walks into one’s house: keys, coat-pocket contents, newspapers, etc. It would be much, much smaller than the old sideboard, movable (because it’s on wheels) – and best of all, it’s turquoise!

On that last Ikea visit I was disappointed when Raskog, which I’d got my heart set on, was out of stock by the time to the warehouse. (As is so often the story. As Raymond and I like to say about Ikea: “It always ends in tears.”) So you can imagine how tickled I was that Raymond had remembered, and had quietly picked up a Raskog this time around.

Raymond is the best and most thoughtful husband ever. Have I ever said that? Well, anyway, it bears repeating.

And Raskog will look great in the Manse kitchen! Once we get it assembled. Which – well, did I mention that with Ikea it always ends in tears?

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