Sieste the cat has made the move


And made it very smoothly too, I have to say.

Raymond and I were both dreading the almost 5-hour trip with our cat Sieste in the car, moving her from her longtime home in Montreal to the Manse in Queensborough. And indeed, she was pretty unhappy in her carrying cage in the back seat for the first hour and a half or so, howling more or less constantly.

But then I slapped The Eagles Greatest Hits into the CD player and – who knew? Sieste seems to be a fan. She settled right down and stayed that way, dozing off or sitting quietly for the rest of the trip. I think she has decided she likes car trips after all.

And my goodness, she certainly seems to like the Manse. Of course it helps that it’s a fairly big place with lots of corners to explore, upstairs and down. And speaking of stairs, Sieste seems quite taken with our two staircases, as I suspected she would be, and as you can see in the accompanying photo. She has already invented a game called Poke Mom Through the Stair-Rail Spaces, which she seems to quite enjoy.

So the Manse has a house cat at last! Which of course is exactly what it needed.

As Sieste would be the first to tell you.

12 thoughts on “Sieste the cat has made the move

  1. EVERY house should have a cat! And every cat should have a staircase which gives it the advantage of a superior position from which to slash at a human playmate or unsuspecting passerby. And just wait ’til you meet our Lester later this month and you see how similar he and Sieste are! The manse must be a happy home indeed with a cat now in residence.

  2. I’m assuming that because she was a city cat, Sieste is not allowed to go outside. But I think this song, which you’re probably familiar with, captures the nature of felines:

    • Though I’m a big fan of Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion, Jim, I had never heard that song before, and it made me laugh until tears were streaming down my cheeks. Absolutely priceless, and absolutely true. I love the line “These paws were made for walking.” Thank you!

      • I am so delighted to discover your friend Jim’s link to I Am Your Cat! I have been trying to tell folks about this song for years, doing appalling imitations and watching eyes glaze over. Now I can listen and sing along…by myself. Promise.

      • Now that you have the actual recording, Lindi, I think you must try sharing it with your friends again. I know I’m going to. It’s hilarious – and so true!

    • And to you and Ewa, Gordon! And surprisingly enough (to me as much as anybody) Sieste is settling in amazingly well and is indeed already happily taking the naps for which she was named. The Manse agrees with her!

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