What I am thankful for


This being Thanksgiving weekend and all, it’s the time when we’re supposed to think about the things in our lives for which we are thankful.

I’ve never had any trouble doing that; there are so many gifts and blessings that make life good! But this year especially so. While it has made for a very busy holiday weekend, I have to say it seems appropriate that it has been Thanksgiving when Raymond and I have officially made Queensborough our full-time address. Our Queensborough adventure at the Manse, begun rather tentatively close to two years ago, is one thing in my life for which I am profoundly thankful. (Another, of course, being Raymond!) We have met so many kind and interesting people here, and have had so much fun discovering (and sometimes, in my case, since I grew up here, rediscovering) “the country north of Belleville,” as poet Al Purdy so perfectly put it. Discovering it in all its beauty, stark and wild and rocky though that beauty may sometimes be.

Which Is why I’m using this photo of a tree a bit east of Queensborough in full-to-bursting fall colour as an illustration for this post. When you look at it, how can you not be filled with thanks and gratitude “for the beauty of the earth,” as the old hymn says?

And particularly for the lovely little corner of that earth where Raymond and I now officially find ourselves.

9 thoughts on “What I am thankful for

  1. This is a very special tree that is shaped just so as you round the bend before the hill and down in the valley. I see it’s four seasons every early afternoon on my way home. It’s like a beacon to tell you life is grand. And yes very Thankful your almost home. You can’t help not to miss it. 🙂 I have several points to ponder as I travel the road ways. But it is always nice to come over that hill and see the trees dotting the landscape of sharp cedar’s lush maples and fallen poplars and then you enter a village that is out of a landscape. Much to be Thankful for!

    • You’ve said it absolutely perfectly, Mk! There is a lot to be said for having the opportunity to observe the landscape daily – a person gets to know it, and its changes, so well. And it gives you something peaceful to reflect on while driving – as I know you know! I think I am going to enjoy my trips back and forth to Loyalist for that very reason.

  2. We are thankful to have wonderful neighbours and especially thankful to now have Katherine and Raymond here full time! For the most part we all have a great love and respect for our little hamlet and I am excited to think of what the future will hold for us all!

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