Where is wifi?


Does anyone other than me remember cute little Mark Lester in the 1968 movie Oliver! bleating out the plaintive (but rather pretty) song “Whe-e-e-e-ere is love?” Well, people, I am plaintively searching for something too, but unlike unfortunate orphan Oliver Twist, it’s not a home I’m after; I am pining for the elusive internet.

If you’ve seen some of my recent posts you’ll know that Raymond and I have discovered that speedy and reliable internet is rather harder to come by in rural Eastern Ontario than it is in the heart of Montreal. So while I work on persuading the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (the outfit that is supposed to be supplying high-speed internet to our area) to erect a tower in the Queensborough area, my phone is my only connection to said internet while I’m at the Manse. Which is all well and good, but a bit limiting. How I would love to fire up the laptop and work with a real keyboard and a larger screen!

Which is where I’m hoping readers who live in the Queensborough-Madoc-Tweed area can help us. People, where are the good spots to go to plug into wifi? I believe the McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s in Madoc offer it, and also the charming By the Way Cafe in Tweed. Are there other spots? The libraries in Madoc and Tweed, perhaps?

I know you’ll know. And I thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge!

12 thoughts on “Where is wifi?

  1. Certainly the Madoc library, and I understand you don’t even have to go inside to be connected, and I’m willing to bet that the Tweed library offers the same access. A bit of a pain to have to leave home for the likes of us wot are online so much but, until you whip the high-speed providers into shape…

  2. Both of the libraries in Tweed and Madoc have good wifi, and if they are not open, you can sit in your car, or on the metal bench at the Tweed Library, or at the picnic table at the Madoc library with your laptop and connect anyway. BTW congratulations on your job at Loyalist – what a great fit for you and for them!

      • The new Library at Tweed is even better! (must admit i am a Friend of the Tweed Library). Check out the fireplace reading room, and the used book cart. Next author reading is this Thursday, October 24th, 7:00 Mark Sinnett, Author of “The Carnivore” winner of the Toronto Book Award, and “The Border Guards”. Book signing follows the presentation, with coffee and goodies available. Come and enjoy!

      • “The used book cart”? Do you mean books for sale, Pauline? You can imagine how Raymond and I will be all over that. Because, you know, we really need more books. Anyway, I read about the Mark Sinnett event in the local press, and he sounds like a most interesting speaker. I think it’s just great that the Tweed Library had such author events, and I will most definitely try to attend when possible – if not this one, then the next. Thank you!

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