Where would we be without Smitty?


A sure indicator that you’re in Hastings County (or environs) is the sight of a Smitty’s sign by the side of the road.

I’ve never met Smitty myself, but I know – how could I not? I’ve seen his signs a million times – that he is the proprietor of a store that sells new and used appliances, located in the southern Hastings hamlet of Corbyville.

Smitty is quite the canny, if low-tech, marketer. His signs are so omnipresent – and have been for the past three decades and more – that they’ve pretty much become part of the landscape. And he spreads the net wide: you’ll spot Smitty’s signs in Northumberland, Prince Edward, Lennox and Addington and Peterborough counties, and if I’m not mistaken, Frontenac and Haliburton too. They might even go so far as Renfrew County to the northeast and Durham Region to the west.

But the epicentre of the Smitty’s empire is right here in Hastings County – a fact of which we can all be very proud.

I guess.

15 thoughts on “Where would we be without Smitty?

  1. Pity he only sells appliances. Still, he might know someone who will take that piece of furniture you’ve been trying to get rid of – – why not give him a call and make a pitch?

    • Well, maybe – those Smitty’s signs do kind of mar some pretty nice landscape in Hastings County (and beyond). But given that he seems to fill an extremely useful role (supplying appliances at a good price, with same-day delivery), I think we’re all willing to cut Smitty quite a bit of slack on his signs!

  2. I have to say that Mr. Smitty is a character all on his own. He resembles a Herb Tarlick and Don Cherry all in one. With a Florida sunshine tan and snow white hair he can sell you anything. He likes shinny trucks and lots of chrome. And he has his share of municipality issues on signage trespassing.. lol But we did purchase a washer and dryer from him many, many years ago. And they are still going strong. Although I very rarely use my dryer since I am a hang up nut. So I guess his words are as good as his bite. He is the man of good new and used appliances! He has a lovely spot right on the river in Corbyville.

    • What would life be without characters? And I suspect that if Smitty is as you’ve described him, Mk (and I’m sure he is), he would quite like your description. His low-tech marketing certainly seems to work, because I’ve heard of lots of satisfied customers like you. On another note, glad to hear there’s another clothesline advocate out there. Now that Raymond and I are actually here, it’s time to see if the Manse’s washer actually works, and then hang up clothes for the first time on our excellent new clothesline! (If only the rain would stop…)

  3. You know, Katherine, I have been passing Smitty’s rather intrusive and unlovely signs for years, and never figured out where the shop is. The power of advertising? Not so much. Glad you put me straight.

    • I get the impression that Smitty is more a do-it-by-phone guy, Lindi – your washing machine suddenly breaks down, you’re in a pickle, and of course you think of that place (Smitty’s, of course) whose signs you’ve seen hundreds of thousands of times all over the region, and you just pick up the phone and call. And since Smitty promises same-day delivery, I guess Bob – or maybe I should say Smitty – is your uncle! (Where in earth did that phrase come from, anyway?)

  4. My washer died early one morning, and not really wanting to be bothered shopping for a new one, I gave him a call, told him what I wanted. Within hours his people were here, hooked it up, and I was back in business. It was close to Christmas, and he sent along a dozen of the most delicious home -made butter tarts. His signs have never bothered me since!

    • What a great Smitty story, Anne! A replacement washer when you needed it in a pinch, fully installed, and treats besides – you have convinced me that I am going to have to check out his operation! (Particularly given that even as I type this, neighbour Ed and Raymond are trying to make the Manse’s very old washing machine operational, so far without success.)

  5. I work for Smitty, and although his address is not quite clear you surly cannot miss it cause of his golf course green grass lol. Its 256 ab River Road Corbyville. Same day delivery and the best delivery men you could have.

    • Hi Anthony! It’s terrific to hear from a Smitty’s staffer. What a great business the inimitable Smitty has built up – I really meant it when I said in my headline, where would we be without him? I bet it’s a fun place to work, especially since you have a ton of satisfied customers!

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