This may not look like much to you, but it’s a big step forward


Pretty boring as a photo, right? An unattractive wall of 1970s-era “wood” panelling, painted off-white many years ago in an attempt to update it, and in the foreground, our newly acquired turquoise Raskog (I wrote about it here) wheeled cart from Ikea, which I love to death.

What’s exceptional about this photo, for me at least, is what isn’t in it: the size-extra-large (and to my eye, implacably ugly) sideboard that had been inhabiting this quadrant of the Manse’s kitchen since the day Raymond and I bought it back in 2012. Here (to refresh your memory) is a photo of the beast, complete with me (5’6″) to give a sense of scale:


I wrote about my cunning plan – code name: Kijiji – to get rid of that sideboard here. And it worked! This very evening a lovely young couple from the Trenton area came and took it away.

And now the Manse kitchen feels rather empty, but I have no problem whatsoever with a room that is empty thanks to unsightly unwanted things having finally been moved out. Better empty than full of unwanted clutter.

So speaking of “unwanted,” if we can just finish the job and get rid of that painted panelling once and for all…

6 thoughts on “This may not look like much to you, but it’s a big step forward

  1. Well ‘m travelling around with a table designated for you in the back of my car…might fill some space…

    • Oh, don’t think for one moment that I had forgotten that funky table, Hilary! And now, as of this very evening, there is space for it! Can’t wait for a visit with you at the Manse or (more adventurous for us) in the County.

    • Well, if you could envision the very nice young man who took it away as the windmill-tilting knight, and his equally nice fiancée as Sancho Panza, and their great big panel truck as Rocinante, I guess you could quite properly say that it was Don Quixote, John. Definitely not pirates!

    • Hi Elspeth – lovely to hear from you! Yes, I have to say that we ARE having fun here at the Manse, but it’s a lot of work too. We are also very happy to be adding to the congregation at St. Andrew’s United Church (originally Presbyterian) in Queensborough, but we miss seeing our friends at the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul as often as we used to. Raymond plans to be there for the A&P Fall Fair and the Friday night wine and cheese, and I will come if I can – but given my teaching hours the possibility of me being there is, unfortunately, a little slim. I hope and trust you are keeping well – and holding the fort in our absence!

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