Quiet reminders of why this is a beautiful place


I took this photo in the very early morning today on my drive to work. A heavy mist was rising from Moira Lake, a consequence I am sure of the thick frost that had come in the night meeting the somewhat warmer water, and then getting a bit more warmth from the just-rising sun. It was stunningly, silently beautiful.

After I’d got back into the car to continue my commute – marveling as I do each morning on the pretty rural landscape – I also found myself thinking back to something that happened this past weekend at the Manse in Queensborough.

I was out raking up fallen leaves late on a brisk, sunny fall morning, when overhead I heard the distinctive “Caw! Caw!” of a crow. I looked up and watched it fly over the Manse. And there was this: it was so quiet that I could hear the sound of its wings beating.

In my entire life I had never heard that sound before. Perhaps I had never before been in such a quiet moment.

I felt very, very thankful.

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