Great big sky


Yes, I know how I go on and on and on and ON about the Queensborough area being a beautiful part of the world. And I’m sorry if it bores you, but – I can’t help myself. With astounding frequency, I am stopped dead in my tracks by the wonder of what I see around me here. Maybe it’s because I’m so recently removed from the big city. Maybe it’s the sentimentalist in me, because this area is, after all, the place where grew up. Whatever: when I see something like this – amazing clouds, big sky, red barns – as I did on my drive home from work today, all I can do is be thankful.

4 thoughts on “Great big sky

  1. And through your eyes, Katherine, I’m happily reliving all the same breathless moments and moments of unbridled joy and wonder that I experienced when we first moved out to our rural property in northern Ontario 13 years ago. So glad you’re enjoying it so much.

  2. Ain’t we lucky? I often remember the comments of Darryl Kramp, our MP, (long before he was in parliament), looking out the window of The Two Loons Restaurant on Moira Lake at sunset, said, “If this wasn’t Madoc, I’d say it was beautiful!” Sometimes we don’t stop and appreciate what we have. So glad that you can Katherine!

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