The supper of all our childhoods


Do you recognize this, people? Of course you do. We (that is, those of us of a certain age who spent our formative years in rural Ontario – or, I expect, rural Anywhere, North America) grew up on it. It is hamburger, macaroni and tomato casserole, re-created at the Manse in Queensborough this Friday evening because a) I felt nostalgic for the good old comfort food that I grew up on, and b) I was starving and in want of something easy and quick to prepare. And the end result was better than I expected. No wonder we used to eat that stuff all the time!

6 thoughts on “The supper of all our childhoods

    • I refuse to believe it, Mark. Pasta (especially when mixed with hamburger and tomatoes – or of course cheese) is the ultimate comfort food. And I’m sure a lot of women would back me up on that!

  1. I’ve always loved this. It was a favourite when I was younger, and I’ve never tired of it. I don’t think I make it quite the same as my mother, but maybe I do and it was even more enjoyable when she made it. You know how our mothers always had that “special touch”.

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