It’s hunting season. How could I forget?


I committed a rookie error the other day: I proposed a get-together one evening in the coming week with some friends who live in the Queensborough-Madoc neck of the woods.

The response to my email was (I’m paraphrasing here): Hello? Wake up, girl! It’s hunting season! (Translation: the get-together must wait until the male of the household returns from hunting camp.)

What was I thinking? Of COURSE it’s hunting season. Why, just look at the huge hunting-themed Canadian Tire ad that was wrapped around the Central Hastings News this week (it’s the photo at the top of this post, and that’s only one side of it; flip over the page and there are still more treats for hunters, including duck decoys, knives, a DIY butcher kit [!] and lots more rifles).

And if there had been any doubt in my mind about what this time of year means in rural parts like ours, our trip into town today would have banished them. Everywhere you looked in Madoc were big pickup trucks with ATVs in the back (for getting to those remote hunting camps) and guys wearing camouflage-type clothes. And there was also this cute little sign in the window of one of the shops, which made me smile:


Anyway, all this to say that I have learned my city-girl lesson. I am reasonably sure that the hunting-camp experience is as much about camaraderie and getting away from it all as it is about bagging deer, but it is a very big deal around here. I won’t forget next year.

Oh, and I am also thinking: probably not a good time to go for a walk in the woods…

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