A distinguished spotlight on Queensborough

Ancestral Roofs

I have mentioned previously the wonderful blog called Ancestral Roofs (find it here) by Lindi Pierce, who grew up in a historic farmhouse in Prince Edward County, now lives in Belleville, where she is involved with all manner of heritage and literary causes (among them the Glanmore National Historic Site and the Al Purdy A-Frame project – see her separate brilliant blog about that, In Search of Al Purdy, here), is unbelievably knowledgeable about architectural styles and heritage matters generally, and who Raymond and I are very proud to consider a friend and kindred spirit.

Lindi has visited and reported on Queensborough several times for Ancestral Roofs (such as here and here and here and here), but she has a new entry as of yesterday (it’s here) that I thought Meanwhile, at the Manse readers might be interested in. And I hasten to add that I think this not because Lindi makes mention of Meanwhile, at the Manse, though that is very kind of her, but because in her post she has some very nice photos (Lindi is an excellent photographer) and also gives our little hamlet some great publicity: she tells her readers about our recently published Historic Queensborough walking-tour brochure. (Copies still available at a very reasonable $3 each, with all proceeds going to support the work of the Queensborough Community Centre; just let me know if you’d like one!)

Another wonderful feature of her post is a link to a video by Ian Taylor featuring scenes of the Black River. I urge you to go to the post (once again, it’s here) and check out the link, because that video is quite possibly the most soothing thing you could ever hope to see after a stressful day. I guarantee you that your tensed-up shoulders will come down from around your ears as you watch those lovely local scenes – and appreciate all over again how beautiful our little part of the world is.

Thank you, Lindi, for finding and sharing it – and for shedding the spotlight (again) on Queensborough!

2 thoughts on “A distinguished spotlight on Queensborough

  1. Best find a way to get up to purchase my own guide to historic Queensborough! Congrats to all concerned on its release. The future is bright for this lovely part of the world.

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