This I do not miss.

Montreal traffic

What an odd feeling: this evening I am back in Montreal for the first time since Raymond and I officially shifted our centre of gravity to the Manse in Queensborough. (I am avoiding using the word “moved” when I mention our change in locale. Yes, the change is pretty official, thanks to Sieste the cat now being at the Manse, and my job being in the general vicinity and all. But there is a rather enormous amount of actual moving of stuff from Montreal to Queensborough – books being a large factor – that must happen before we are officially “moved.”)

Anyway. I think I will have more to say about this whole having-homes-in-two-places thing later. Tonight, just this: while there are some things about Montreal that I’ve already started to miss (speaking French; good baguettes; lightning-fast internet at a low price), the traffic is not one of them. The photo above is the stop-and-go scene on the drive into the city at about 6:30 p.m. today.

People, I can assure you of one thing: it never looks like this in Queensborough.

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