Everything old is new again

Crate and Barrel lunchbox

I got a chuckle from this ad, which came in a flyer for Crate and Barrel yesterday. Those of you of a certain age and a certain rural upbringing, like me, will surely recall this style of plaid metal lunchbox and thermos, which many of us used to carry to school. (Because our rural schools didn’t have fancy things like cafeterias – or nearby stores and fast-food outlets. It was cow pastures and woodland around Madoc Township Public School.)

But what really got me about the apparently newly trendy lunchbox and thermos was the price: $29.95 each! My parents would have had a heart attack at the notion of paying that much for a school lunchbox.

And now I will show you the Manse’s own version of those vintage-style goods, only in our case the goods are real vintage. A while back at the Aberfoyle (Ont.) Antique Market I found a plaid picnic hamper that was an exact replica of the one my family used to have when I was growing up at the Manse. And a little while later, I found just the right thermos to pack in it at Camp Ho-Ba-Chee, a wonderful vintage-goods store in pretty little Warkworth, Ont. Here they are (and apologies for the fuzzy photo):

picnic hamper and thermos

And I am happy to report that I got them for less than you’d pay at Crate and Barrel for a lunchbox and thermos that are ever so nice but lacking in patina. So there.

3 thoughts on “Everything old is new again

  1. $60.00 for a lunch box and Thermos is an awful lot of money! Imagine buying a set for a family of three. It’s great that you were able to get a set that is like one you had as a child, and that it’s vintage and not a reproduction. Aberfoyle Antiques? Yes! A wonderful spot to spend an afternoon, browsing around in the great outdoors. Do you know of the Freelton Antiques, not far from Aberfoyle? Freelton is between Hamilton and Guelph (off Hwy. 6), and it is two floors of very interesting goods, in a big building. I’m attaching the link. Another place in that area that has a huge (and I mean “huge”) selection of goods is the Southworks Antiques in Cambridge. It’s in a former factory, where they once manufactured machine parts. I’m attaching a link to that, too. Do you remember the antiques market in Tweed that was near the Sulphide Road?


    • Thanks for this good Southwestern Ontario antiques information, Sash! As for the antiques market just outside Tweed by the Sulphide Road, I was never there when it was in operation (more’s the pity) and now it is closed and for sale. Maybe Raymond and I will have to buy it as a way to get rid of some of our own amassed collection!

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