A cat gallery: you knew it had to happen

Sieste at the doorway

Sieste, waiting at the door of the Manse. (And probably feeling cheerful because among the stuff I was bringing in from the car was a new box of cat litter, which you can see in the background.)

I was unloading a whole bunch of stuff from the car when I got home to the Manse tonight, and Sieste the cat was extremely interested in the proceedings. She was, in fact, quite determined to come outside and help, but since she is deaf as a post and not yet very familiar with the surrounding countryside – and since that countryside contains all manner of wildlife, including wolves – I thought it best to keep her safely indoors. But I had to laugh at her little black-and-white face in the doorway, watching and waiting for me to come in with the last load of stuff.

Which has inspired me to show off my Manse Cat in a few more photos. Come on – you knew it had to happen sometime. Raymond and I love our cat, and we love the way she so quickly and readily adopted the Manse as her new home when we moved her this past Thanksgiving weekend. So now I’m going to show you some photos of Sieste enjoying her Manse, and don’t even think of trying to stop me:

So the next question is: can a Sieste-at-the-Manse video be far behind?

13 thoughts on “A cat gallery: you knew it had to happen

  1. Now she wants to go out. Open that door if you love her.
    She’s gotta’ go out, wants to breathe the air.
    She’s gotta’ get loose with that blue sky above her.
    She’s been here long enough, she’s gotta’ be there…

    • Perfect thought, Brenda! Yes, Sieste is ramping up to be an In-and-Out Cat for sure. (Like your Lester!) Not sure how I feel about that; I worry that her deafness puts her at risk. Maybe when the weather is warm and nice and we can be outdoors with her… but on chilly and wet wintry nights like this, she is most definitely better indoors with those who love her. Whether she knows it or not.

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