In the early morning fog

foggy Queensborough

One of the many changes that has come with our move to Queensborough and my new job teaching at Loyalist College in Belleville is the necessity for me to start my days very early. Like, very, very early. Okay, I know many of you don’t consider 6 a.m. super-early. But people, I am a night owl, always have been (even when I was a kid growing up at the Manse) and always will be, so having to get out of bed while it’s still dark outside seems just wrong. And cruel.

But I think I am starting to adjust. I quite enjoy being wide awake and on the road to work when the sun comes up. (Sunrises were never my specialty before this – unless they showed up at the end of my day, rather than the beginning of it.)

Today, however, there was to be no sunrise. The morning began with a heavy fog over Queensborough and – as I discovered when I got on the road – most of southern Hastings County, and the weather stayed grey and misty and rainy all day long.

But I thought the fog over Queensborough was quite beautiful at a little after 6:30 or so this morning, which is why I took this photo and am sharing it with you.

Now as you can imagine, the title that came into my head for this post has got me thinking about a famous Gordon Lightfoot song. So here goes – featuring not our Gordon (hey, he got his turn just the other day) but Peter, Paul and Mary. In 1966. Prime midcentury, when I was six years old in my first existence here at the Manse. The golden years. That, folks, is good stuff. At least, if you ask me.

4 thoughts on “In the early morning fog

  1. It never ceases to amaze just how beautiful a dreary weather day can appear. You have captured just such a situation perfectly.

  2. Yes, 6.m. is dreadfully early. But I do love Peter, Paul & Mary so much . . .

    The fog, though, reminds me of a certain Sherlock Holmes mystery and its hound. Heard any unusual howling recently?


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