Where have you gone, Popsicle Pete?

Popsicle Pete comic

My friend Lynn dredged up this Popsicle Pete comic – which by the looks of it is the very first one, since it’s “Introducing” our hero – on the proverbial internet. Was Popsicle Pete still “The Typical American Boy” by the time my childhood rolled around? I’m not sure how well that would have gone over here in Canada.

Popsicle gift listIn an email exchange last week, our Nova Scotia friend Lynn managed to remind me of a long-forgotten and arcane piece of our childhoods, and perhaps yours too: Popsicle Pete.

Do you remember Popsicle Pete? I have to say my recollections are a little fuzzy on that front, but as I recall he was a comic-strip character used to urge us to buy more Popsicles. Was the general idea to collect lots of Popsicle wrappers and send them in for great prizes and gifts? I think maybe. Did anyone ever do that? Not me, that’s for sure.

Does anyone remember where those comics actually appeared? Did they come with the Popsicle, the way Bazooka Joe (another weird cartoon character from my youth) comics came with packs of Bazooka gum? Somehow I think a comic strip packaged with a Popsicle would make for a soggy mess. Did they appear in comic books? But we didn’t really buy those in my family, so how would I have known about Popsicle Pete? (Or Popsicle, as Lynn and I have taken to calling him.)

vintage popsicleYour Popsicle Pete information would be most welcome. But meantime, I have to say that this train of thought has brought back delightful memories of the simple joy of walking down to Bobbie’s or McMurray’s general stores in Queensborough on a hot summer day and buying (for 5¢, wasn’t it?) a Popsicle. Orange or grape – or if you were really lucky, they’d have some chocolate Popsicles; those were the best.

And if you were incredibly unlucky, all that would be left would be the banana-flavoured ones. Yuck!

3 thoughts on “Where have you gone, Popsicle Pete?

  1. I never did send away for prizes but yeah, you could. I am still sad at buying too many orange lolas at the local Becker’s (can there ever be too many orange lolas? heck no!) so I could win a mustang bike with a banana seat that my neighbour Bruce Riddell won.

    On a comic book note, I did send off for the sea monkeys and the 6’ft ghost which was a white plastic sheet with a hole in it for a white balloon with “scary” face on it. The only thing it scared was the contents of my leather wallet with the horse on it.

    I wonder if people who watch the shopping channel bought crap off the back of cover a comic book?
    I still regret not buying whatever it was that made that scrawny kid who had sand kicked in his face into a ripped beach hunk. I could use whatever that was right about now.

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