Great midcentury music – keep those nominations coming!

Thanks to all of you who’ve responded to The Great Manse Era Music Challenge! The first nominee to come in for a song from the time of my growing-up years at the Manse in Queensborough (1964 to 1975) that can’t help but put a smile on your face is The Lovin’ Spoonful‘s wonderful Summer in the City – which, as my friend Lindi noted in suggesting it, is perfect for a night when apparently the first snowstorm of the season is upon us. You can watch it atop this post, complete with some pretty awesome lip-synching by John Sebastian.

(Bonus points for you if you can remember what food product was advertised in the late ’60s or so with the phrase “that lovin’ spoonful” in its jingle.)

Next is another great one, this one suggested by Maureen: Build Me Up Buttercup, by The Foundations. I love that song! But I wondered at first if it was from the right era, because to me it’s got kind of a 1950s vibe about it. But I checked, and Maureen’s spot-on; it was released in 1968. Perfect!

I’m going to share more of these fantastic songs (did I mention – oh, of course I did – that it was a great era for pop music?) over the next while, but in the meantime, keep them coming! And I will leave you tonight with a smile-inducing question: Why do you build me up, Buttercup? Let’s listen:

4 thoughts on “Great midcentury music – keep those nominations coming!

    • Gotta tell you, Kitty, I had never heard this before! Who are these people, and how on earth do you know them? A sweet and happy song though! “Dancing in the moonlight … you can’t dance and stay uptight.” So true!

  1. Okay, this is the last one from me. I feel like the drunk at the karaoke party who won’t give up the mic (sadly, a true story but if it happens again, dangling a shiny prize at me works). This Goddard inspired version of Walk on by was filmed in Paris . Tres Chic.
    It also gives me a chance to include this quote about Warwick’s voice, tres je ne sais quoi:
    “Rhapsodized Jean Monteaux in Arts: “The play of this voice makes you think sometimes of an eel, of a storm, of a cradle, a knot of seaweed, a dagger.” Anyhooo….

    • This is an amazing find, Kitty – thank you! I mean, good lord, not only is it a great song and she a great singer (that description you found is brilliant and perfect), but also: the fact that she thought to bring the entire cast of Mad Men to play supporting roles! And – the whole thing is a single take! Absolutely stunning. Thank you so much!

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