It is Christmas bazaar time – and here’s one not to miss

Heritage centre Christmas Sale Poster

As you can tell from the new photo atop the blog – taken at about 7 a.m. this morning – winter seems to arrived in earnest here in the snow belt. While all that overnight snow last night made things quite beautiful here in Queensborough this morning, it also meant that digging-out-the-car time has arrived again. More on that anon, save to say that we Manse-dwellers are blessed with neighbours who kindly have steered us toward the safest (that is, earliest-plowed) routes on snowy mornings, not to mention a neighbour with a plow who has agreed to be our clear-the-driveway guy on snowy mornings like this.

Anyway, let’s leave off the hard work of snow-clearing and get back to the winter-wonderland aspect of winter. The snowy beauty may wear a bit thin by, say, mid-February, but in late November and December, in the days leading up to Christmas, it’s all very nice to think about. And hey, what would Christmas be – especially in small towns and rural areas – without local bazaars?

Of which, as you can probably imagine, there are a lot around here. At churches and schools and community centres. Weekends, weekdays, whatever – there’s a bazaar and craft fair and holiday sale for every taste. But tonight I’m drawing to your attention – thanks to my correspondent Pauline, a fellow resident of Elzevir Township, a wonderful photographer and gardener, and a wholehearted supporter of community projects and the local arts scene – one in particular, which starts this Saturday and runs through the following Saturday, Dec. 7.

It’s kind of special because it’s a production of the Tweed and Area Historical Society (I should note that Queensborough is a part of the Greater Tweed Area), it takes place at the wonderful Tweed and Area Heritage Centre (which I have mentioned many times before – a priceless local resource), and it features the work of local artists and artisans. And now I’ll turn it over to Pauline:

“There are always lots of interesting things, locally made – everything from stocking stuffers and goodies for your Christmas entertaining to larger gift items. And 20 per cent of sales goes to support the Heritage Centre, a motherlode of local information.”

So, people, I think you’d better check it out, as I will be. Christmas shopping made easy, and you’ll be supporting local heritage research and education into the bargain. What could be better?

3 thoughts on “It is Christmas bazaar time – and here’s one not to miss

  1. Poor Peter, home alone with just the snowblower for company, while I’m enjoying 10C and trees still loaded with bronze- and yellow-coloured leaves. And on the bazaar front, my friend and I are off tomorrow to the Chrstmas market in Bath ( and will somehow fit in a little Jane Austen and a torchlight tour of the Roman baths, dinner in the Roman kitchens and – per Lindi’s excellent suggestion – a walk to the famous Pulteney Bridge.

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