Hey! More of your favourite songs from my Manse years

You folks have been phenomenal in responding to the “Katherine’s Manse Years Musical Challenge” – to wit, nominating songs that make you feel happy and, you know, glad all over, that date from the years of my childhood at the Manse in Queensborough: 1964 to 1975.

I said at the outset that I would try to dig up entertaining YouTube videos of at least some of the nominees and post them from time to time so that we all could enjoy the good stuff from those years, which in my humble opinion are unmatched in pop-music excellence. And so, since good music is what’s needed to cheer a person up on a dreary day, and since the weather forecast is dreary dreary dreary for the next few days (first dreary mild, then dreary cold), I thought this evening would be a good time to prepare us all by bringing some warm cheer through more of your Manse-years song nominees.

This evening I’m giving you some of the ones that came in when I put that original Meanwhile, at the Manse blog post on Facebook – not something I do often (or ever, actually), but I did do it that once. So these nominations came on Facebook, as opposed to here at the blog, which means many of you might not have seen them. And they are excellent song suggestions! Guaranteed to make you feel good.

One, from excellent mystery author (new book Something Fishy in stores now!) Hilary MacLeod, an old friend of Raymond and a more recent friend of me, was The Beatles’ This Boy, and you can of course see that one (the lads performing it on The Ed Sullivan Show) atop this post.

And here are some more! From my high-school friend Clayton, more Beatles:

From our former colleague Alan Hustak, one that reminds me of my need to do a post about songs that were utterly ubiquitous back in the day – but that, now I look at this video, really was brilliant (as was Barbra Streisand):

And finally, from another former colleague, Johanne Durocher Norchet, one of my favourite songs of all eternity (and I’m only sorry the video is so, well, static, but the song’s brilliance makes up for it)… Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Otis Redding:

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