December in the country: so much to do!

Christmas at O'Hara Mill

O’Hara Mill (whose historic log house is featured in this delightful photo illustration from Quinte Conservation) will be welcoming visitors to its Christmas event this Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening. It is a lovely way to get into the mood for an old-fashioned Christmas.

You might think that weekends here in our extremely rural part of Hastings County would be quiet, without that much to do. But if you thought that, you would be totally wrong.

Here it is Thursday night and I just don’t know how Raymond and I are going to get to everything we’d like to this coming weekend, what with all that’s going on in the Madoc-Tweed area. Among the major events:

It’s Christmas at O’Hara Mill this weekend. Raymond and I attended this event last year, very much enjoying the atmosphere of the restored mill and farm buildings where a fire burned brightly, musicians played, and hot chocolate and cookies were served.

It’s the final weekend for the Artist and Artisan Christmas Show and Sale at the Tweed Heritage Centre, where (I am reliably informed) one can find wonderful one-of-a-kind gifts made by local artists.

And speaking of Tweed, that village’s Santa Claus parade is Saturday at 12:30 p.m. Can it top Madoc’s nighttime parade of a week earlier?

Another very big event in Tweed is the annual Festival of Trees, which I confess I have not attended before and the concept of which I am still rather fuzzy on. I gather there are beautifully decorated Christmas trees and wreaths to see and buy tickets on, and if you’re lucky you will win one of them. This event has raised lots of money for local good causes over the years, so I think it’s high time Raymond and I took it in.

And finally, on Saturday at the Marble Arts Centre (the former United Church, and it really is made of cream-coloured marble from local quarries) in the Elzevir Township hamlet of Actinolite there is a family Christmas event featuring a student theatre production, seasonal readings, and Christmas treats to eat.

So much to do!

Not to mention the fact that Raymond and I have to get a Christmas tree, and set it up and decorate it. And put up the exterior Christmas lights. And do all the regular household chores. And of course go to the dump.

Who ever said that country living was slow and peaceful?

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