All I want for Christmas is…a snowblower

snowy morning at the Manse

On mornings like this, I think a snowblower is in order. Don’t you?

A little less than a year ago I posed the question to readers: do Raymond and I need a snowblower at the Manse? The answer was a pretty uniform yes. But a little less than a year ago the matter wasn’t particularly urgent, because we were still living in Montreal and only spending a couple of weekends a month, at best, in Queensborough.

Gracious, what a lot can happen in a year!

Now here we are installed in my childhood home, and the snows have begun to come. And while our neighbour John – the same one who does such a fantastic job of keeping our lawn mowed in summer – has happily taken on the task of plowing out the driveway when needed so I can leave for work at the ungodly hour of 7 a.m., Raymond and I have to accept much of the responsibility for clearing walkways and the garage entrance and basically any snow that needs moving outside of the pre-dawn hours.

While I don’t mind the odd bit of shovelling – and neither does Raymond – I think I am safe in saying that neither one of us wants to court cardiac crisis should a few feet of heavy snow land overnight, which is eminently possible at any time.

So it’s time to talk turkey. Or more specifically, what we should get each other for Christmas.

Last year it was something very lovely: the maple tree that we planted in the Manse’s front yard. This year, I think it’s time for machinery over Nature. Because really, what says “Merry Christmas and I love you” better than a shiny new snowblower?

11 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is…a snowblower

  1. Considering the amount of snow you have, I’d agree that a snowblower is high on the list of things to get. Apparently, cardiac arrest happens more than we realize, as a result of shovelling large, heavy amounts of snow.

    So, yes, a beautiful snowblower (with a red bow) would be ideal!

  2. Even know you have someone doing your driveway a snow blower can be used for doing sidewalks or pathways to bird feeders. They sure are handy when you get those big dumps of snow. I have owned a snow blower for going on 11 years now. I like mine. But haven’t used it that much in that 3 or 4 years as I installed a plow on my 4 wheeler/ ATV. I still used mine for walkways or moving snow banks back. A snow blower still can a give person a pretty good workout. Much better on the back and yes the heart. So I would say snow blower would be awesome gift. Better yet Lawn Tractor with snow blower attachment.

  3. My two cents is that push snowblowers in general are slow and still fairly physical. Suited to city driveways and not much else. Far better to invest in a decent quality lawn tractor with snowblower attachment. It’s not much faster but far less physical than the push type and you will use a lawn tractor for a million things you haven’t even thought of. Get a little trailer and you will use it every time you garden or move stuff around the yard. It’s actually even kind of fun cutting the lawn. And since the subject of fall leaves was raised again… if you wait until they are dry and crispy and then run a lawnmower over them, they turn to powder and disappear to become fertilizer. There is no need to take valuable organics to a landfill.

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