Christmas at the Manse: let’s try this again

the plum-pudding cats

The plum-pudding cats are up, which can only mean one thing: Christmas at the Manse!

Longtime readers will probably recall all my posts (like here and here and here) leading up to Christmas 2012. It was the first Christmas I had spent at the Manse in more than 35 years – since 1974, when I was a wee slip of a 14-year-old. It was to be especially exciting because for Christmas dinner Raymond and I were hosting my mum, Lorna – who of course spent as many years living at the Manse as I did back in the 1960s and early 1970s – and my sister and brothers, who, like me, grew up here – as well as some of their children. Many readers sent us warm and kind wishes for that day. It was truly heartwarming.

And indeed it was a nice day – except that Raymond and I were so sick with the flu that was going around (the first time either of us had been stricken with flu in many years) that after it was over we could barely remember it, let alone figure out how we had managed to serve a big turkey dinner to all those people. It was one of those situations where you power through because you have to, but after it was over we kind of collapsed. When we look back at it now – well, let’s say it’s kind of a foggy, flu-y haze.

So all the more reason why we must try it again! I am delighted to report that my family is once again gathering at the Manse on Dec. 25, Raymond and I will once again be serving turkey dinner, and surely to goodness the chances of getting the flu for a second year running in that period are slim to none.

And in anticipation, we are getting the place ready:

Christmas tree 2013

The tree is up! (In the same place where my family always put it when I was growing up at the Manse.) And isn’t it beautiful?

And this year we even have outdoor lights:

Raymond putting up the Christmas lights

Raymond hard at work (still-outdoors Christmas tree behind him) putting up our outdoor lights. He did a bang-up job!

Pretty little Queensborough is – as one of our neighbours noted in a comment here some time ago – kind of the perfect Christmas village, especially when it’s a clear, starry night with a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. Many houses are beautifully decorated, and really it all looks rather like a Christmas card.

The Manse has to keep up!

4 thoughts on “Christmas at the Manse: let’s try this again

  1. And for the best Christmas cake around, go to the Hidden Goldmine bakery. They may have plum pudding as well. Although I sampled a Christmas cake from Hidden Treasure bakery in Tweed recently at a party, and it was yummy, too. So you may want to get both, and decide for yourself which is best, if you are a fruitcake fan, which I am.

    • I am a huge fan of both the Hidden Goldmine bakery in Madoc (oh, those Cinnamon Sparkle cookies! Those sticky buns!) and the Sweet Temptations bakery (correct name, as you subsequently noted, Pauline) in Tweed – their white bread is sooooo good. But fruitcake, well… I’m afraid I fall into the non-fruitcake camp. Perhaps this is the year to give it another go, though, thanks to those fine local products!

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