¿Dónde está Santa Claus?

Here Comes Santa Claus

The internet is a truly amazing thing, people – did you know that? And here’s my latest bit of proof, tied (of course) to my 1960s childhood here at the Manse in Queensborough.

My family had a few Christmas records back in those days (the most memorable being Joan Baez’s starkly beautiful Noel). One of them featured songs and carols sung by a children’s choir. And that’s pretty much all that I had been able to remember about it in recent years, although I did recall some of the tracks: Here Comes Santa Claus, All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth, and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. (Classics!)

But given that another Christmas is rolling around here at the Manse, and that now I once again live here thanks to my dear husband Raymond and I having bought it a while back, I was thinking about that long-ago LP the other night. What I wouldn’t give to have a copy of it! But what would be the chances of actually finding that doubtless-obscure, and very-long-ago, bit of vinyl?

Well, not as poor as you might think. I googled something like “Here Comes Santa Claus children’s chorus” – and there it was. In less than a second. A YouTube video featuring another of the tracks on the album, one in Spanish called Donde Esta Santa Claus, and an image of the album cover featuring a very red-cheeked Santa that brought all the memories rushing back. The Do-Re-Mi Children’s Chorus (whatever that is, or was): Of course! How could I have forgotten? (Oh – right. Life intervened.)

I haven’t yet found a copy of that Kapp Records classic for sale online (on eBay or whatever) – but you can be sure I’ll be keeping an eye out. Meanwhile, for your Yuletide enjoyment, here’s a long-lost Christmas classic:

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