Community in action

Christmas dinner at Amazing Coffee

Raymond and I have been busily hewing to the Buy Local mantra in recent days, spending a lot of time in shops in and near Madoc, Tweed and Marmora – the closest towns (actually villages) to us here in Highway 7-territory Hastings County. And we’ve been thoroughly tickled at the wonderful things we’ve been able to find in those shops. I suppose that in many respects I am preaching to the choir here, but people, it really is worth the trouble to check into your local shops for interesting gift ideas. It helps the local economy, and it is so much more pleasant than time spent in Wal-Mart.

Amazing Coffee in MadocAnyway, as we were making the rounds of Madoc on an extremely wintry day today, a poster in a shop window (it’s the one you can see at the top of this post) caught my eye: a free Christmas dinner for anyone at all who happens to be alone on Christmas Day. And at one of the nicest places in Madoc, too – a wonderful place called Amazing Coffee where they serve great coffee (and tea) and food, and sell coffee beans and fine teas and organic cleaning products and lovely gift items and… well, the list goes on. And Amazing Coffee also often hosts musical events, including open-mike evenings. It’s just a great addition to Madoc.

And what a lovely thing, that Amazing Coffee is opening its doors on Christmas Day, for a meal at no charge. That, my friends, is small-town life at its very best. It is one more reason why I am glad to live here.

6 thoughts on “Community in action

  1. I remember stopping in there once on a trip to Ottawa, deliberately veering off Highway 7 (sorry, number 7 highway) to avoid Tim’s. When I asked which was the strongest brew, without hesitating, the server gave me an espresso cup of the one I wondered about. Those are the kinds of things that build loyalty, although that was in the old location. I’m glad to hear it’s still around and doing such heartwarming stuff. Where is it located now?

    • Graham has helpfully answered for me, Nancy – I didn’t even know that Amazing Coffee had a location prior to its current one. But obviously it’s still very close to the location you visited, and so just a bit south off Number 7 Highway. I was in there again today and had a gander at their long list of hot-chocolate options, many of which included Ghirardelli chocolate… yum!

  2. Amazing Coffee relocated [all of 50-100 metres distance] from the brick building to the front end [the white portion] of the former Bert Jones car dealership just across the street. There is still a sign at the junction of highways 62 & 7.

    • Thanks for answering the query, GG – but I had to smile at the Bert Jones reference! In my mind that former car-dealership building will always be Derry’s – the GM dealer (predecessor of Bert Jones) that was across the street from Pigden’s, the Chrysler dealer, which was where Bush Furniture is now located.

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