Christmas Dinner: the aftermath


Just before starting the big cleanup tonight after a successful family Christmas dinner here at the Manse, I stopped and took a look at the wreckage on the dinner table. And smiled. And snapped this photo, because I figured it was something that a lot of people could relate to at about this point on Christmas Day (or, as it now is, midnight having passed, Boxing Day). It’s all there: empty or half-empty coffee mugs and wine glasses and ginger-ale glasses; emptied Christmas stockings; the silly toys and jokes and paper crowns that are inside the Christmas crackers; the uneaten portion of the plum pudding; and so on and so on.

Another Christmas, come and gone. Ours at the Manse was busy and merry and bright. I hope yours was too, and that your dinner-table wreckage reflected it!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner: the aftermath

  1. Hi there,
    Our dinner-table wreckage did not reflect your day.
    We had a quiet meal in Belleville, after returning from visiting three of our sons and a daughter in Mississauga and Toronto. Meals included a great Christmas eve dinner in the former followed by a Christmas Day luncheon in Toronto.
    Some members of the family are vegetarian so vegetable lasagna (rather than turkey) was a highlight at noon on Christmas Day. Fortunately, power had been restored in both family homes prior to lunches.
    Both going to and from the Metro area, we found that both Newcastle-area On Route locations on 401 were either closed or serving only a limited menu – cold subs and coffee by the small cup going and nothing coming back.
    The family on St. Clair Avenue East in Toronto had to discard two Christmas desserts; they were sitting in the backyard where a squirrel was enjoying one discarded ice cream treat.
    Nevertheless, a great time listening to CFRB describe the gradual recovery of citizens in Toronto following the ice storm, opening gifts and watching the new generation at play.
    We were delighted to share in the festivities in the ice-besieged Toronto area.
    And to return to our home in Belleville where the power remained ON.

    • Howdy, Gerry! Sounds like you and Bev had a slightly unusual (what with Toronto ice storm and all) but very pleasant Christmas, and I am happy to hear it. Also glad to hear your travels were safe and you had power throughout. And also that your power in Belleville stayed on! We here north of 7 have been thanking our lucky stars that we didn’t get hit as hard as the lakeshore areas did. Raymond and I wish you all the best for the New Year – and I very much hope we’ll actually get to meet you in person (and get you to sign our copy of Historic Hastings) before too much longer!

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