Happy colours for a happy little boy

Henry's high chair

If ever there was to be a high chair at the Manse, this had to be the one. Don’t those happy colours take you straight back to the early 1970s? And as it happens, we have the perfect happy boy to sit in it.

Welcome to 2014, everyone! I hope this new year will bring you good things and happy surprises.

One excellent thing that came our way in 2013 was the birth of Raymond’s first grandchild, Henry. He is a good boy! And in an hour or so he will be arriving for a New Year’s Day visit, which is very exciting. And so I thought I should show you the perfect vintage high chair that we recently acquired for the occasions when Henry dines with us at the Manse.

The high chair came from my good friend Elaine, who is well aware of my love for all things from the great midcentury era of my childhood at the Manse. She’d been in the attic of her gorgeous Queensborough home to bring down a more modern high chair for a visit by her own newest grandchild – his name is Lucas, and he is beautiful – and came upon one that had belonged to her sister when her niece was a tot in the 1970s. Talk about a period piece! Aren’t those colours something? Does it get any better than an avocado-green tray on an orange-and-yellow high chair? (You can read more about the love affair with avocado green that went on in my youth here.)

It was very kind of Elaine to offer it to us to add to our collection of midcentury vintage stuff at the Manse. And I just can’t wait to see Henry in it. Those colours may look jarringly bright to the ever-so-sophisticated eye of us 2014 folks, but you have to admit they are happy colours, pure and simple. And Henry is a very happy boy.

So on that note, here’s to a happy, brightly coloured year!

3 thoughts on “Happy colours for a happy little boy

  1. You brought me back a touch with this high chair it almost looked like something I sat in as a child. I would like to think of myself a 70’s child but old photos show I sat in a higher back of wood and a little more plush surroundings with lovely made cushions. But what I really want to say is you will very much enjoy sitting that little guy in that chair and joining many around the table. My boys just stayed with us overnight and while my 15 month old gives me the modern technology of a booster high chair to strap to my father’s old arm chair and my 3 year old boy sitting on a upside down salad bowl still does the trick in our home. I still smile though each time I lay my grandchildren in my crib which my mother laid me and I laid my children. I am lucky to have saved it all these years. Enjoy these years I think they are the best. I really think we should be grandparents first before we are parents. 🙂 Welcome Henry to Queensborough at the Manse.

    • Thank you, mk! How lovely that you still have the crib from your own baby years to use for your grandchildren. I have to say you made me smile with the image of the three-year-old sitting on the upside-down salad bowl – I guess the telephone book for our area is a long way from being thick enough to be useful for that important purpose!

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