A phone booth for Agent 86

The old red phone booth

When was the last time you saw one of these babies?

That was exactly the question I asked myself when I spotted it as Raymond and I pulled into a gas station in the village of Kaladar one recent day, on a trip along Highway 7 back to Montreal from the Manse in Queensborough.

[Author’s note: the thorny question of the proper pronunciation of “Kaladar” – KalaDARR or KalaDARE? – will be the topic of a post at some point in the future.]

Anyway, yes. Back to vintage phone booths.

So we all know – because we’ve seen countless news stories on the topic – that the phone booth is a dying duck, thanks to the fact that almost everybody has cellphones these days. As a result, the phone booths we’ve all got used to over the past 30 years or so – the ones with the blue Bell logo – are getting scarcer and scarcer. But holy smokes, when was the last time you saw a red phone booth? The ones that the blue booths replaced? That, my friend, is a bit of a rare find.

As far as I could see – it was a bitterly cold day and the booth had a couple of feet of snow in and around it, so I was uninclined to investigate up close – this booth and the phone in it are operational. There even seemed to be the tattered remains of a phone book (remember those?) inside it. But it still looked pretty forlorn. A remnant of another age.

The age of what? Why, of Maxwell Smart, of course!

9 thoughts on “A phone booth for Agent 86

  1. I can’t remember the last time I saw one of those phone booths (or any phone booth, for that matter). And that’s a nuisance, since I’m the only person in the world who does not use a cellphone. Oh, well; this phone booth in KalaDARR is waiting for you to grace it, wearing your Agent 99/April Dancer white spy coat!

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