Of COURSE we needed a vintage laundry hamper.

vintage laundry hamperMy sister and brothers will instantly recognize this new addition to the Manse’s decor: a laundry hamper from c. 1966. It’s not identical to the one my family had back in the day (that would be, yes, c. 1966), when my siblings and I were growing up here, but it’s so similar that when Raymond and I recently discovered it at the great Belleville vintage ship Funk & Gruven, for a very reasonable price, I just had to have it.

vintage laundry-hamper lid

Does that laundry hamper lid not scream “1966”?

Especially because it had the same – miraculously undamaged by the wear and tear of the years – puffy grey patterned lid as the one at the Sedgwick-inhabited Manse did. Okay, ours had a puffy white patterned lid. But close enough. Come to think of it, they probably both came from either the Eaton’s or the Green Stamps catalogue.

Now of course a laundry hamper – which you carry to the washing machine when it’s full of dirty laundry – kind of negates the need for the excellent (vintage) technology of a laundry chute – a topic that I have discussed before, and that drew a lot of readers from near and far to Meanwhile, at the Manse, searching for laundry-chute information. But hey, my spending 25 bucks on this great vintage hamper now doesn’t preclude us from changing our minds and installing a laundry chute later, right?

And so there it sits, in (you won’t be surprised to learn) exactly the same spot where the laundry hamper used to sit in the happy days of my Queensborough childhood – at the top of the “formal” staircase (as opposed to the second staircase).

Because, you know, with me, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

2 thoughts on “Of COURSE we needed a vintage laundry hamper.

  1. Glad to see that you and Mike M. are in regular contact – Funk and Gruven is such a great shop, I only wish I needed more stuff!

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