Summer will come again, and here’s proof

Summer, by Dave deLang

“A reminder of things past and to come,” our Queensborough friend (and photographer extraordinaire) Dave deLang said in the message that accompanied this beautiful photo. Dave took the picture in the Queensborough area in the summertime, and miraculously somehow just knew that it was exactly what I (and you, dear reader) needed to see tonight amid the greyness and gloominess of midwinter. Thank you, Dave! (Photo by Dave deLang)

The business of moving households can be hard work – did you know that? Especially when one is changing provinces, as Raymond and I have (from Quebec to Ontario, specifically beautiful Queensborough, Ont.). Of course there is the horrendous job of getting all your stuff (and at our age we have accumulated a lot of stuff, much of it books) from Point A to Point B. But far, far more onerous and stressful, I have decided this evening, is the task of changing one’s contact information.

Now, once upon a time that meant a change-of-address card to the post office and letting Bell know that you’d be disconnecting the dial phone in one place and reconnecting it in another. Man, those were the days.

Now, thanks to all that “time-saving” internet technology we all subscribe to, we have to spend hours and hours and hours and hours changing online contact information for all the banks and credit-card companies and phone companies and utilities and email providers and iPhone and iCloud and on and on and on and on – and really, where is the time-saving in all of that?

And heaven forfend that in the middle of this weeks-long process a person (say, just for argument, me) should screw up when trying to change an Apple ID, which controls just about everything on every internet device in the household.

And heaven forfend that this screwup should be discovered on Friday evening, after a very long work week.

But it was. So I have just spent almost three extraordinarily stressful hours – at what should have been a relaxing start to the weekend – trying to sort it all out. Which made me even grumpier than I already was thanks to the grey and gloomy day it has been today. The January thaw that has suddenly set in, after the ice, snow and bitter cold that so many of us have just gone though, should be cheering – but today’s leaden skies just made one feel more encased than ever in winter’s strongbox.

All of that gloominess (on the part of both me and the weather) is why an unexpected email tonight from our Queensborough friend and photographer extraordinaire Dave deLang (you can see some of his other beautiful photos here and here and here and here – that last one’s the Manse!) was a jolt of sunshine and happiness. Amid all my digital stress and distress, into the email inbox popped the glorious photo atop this post, which Dave had taken in the Queensborough area some summer or other.

Such a joyful thing!

I immediately wrote back, asking him if I could share the photo with readers here, who were probably as much in need of a reminder of summer and sunshine as I was. And Dave said: “By all means use it. I hope it reminds everyone that winter isn’t forever.”

“Winter isn’t forever.” Words to live by. Thanks for making us all feel better tonight, Dave!

3 thoughts on “Summer will come again, and here’s proof

  1. Oh, I SO hear you on this one! Most people on the end of those 1-800 numbers are quite kind and helpful, which almost makes up for the times when you get cut off after waiting 20 minutes, discover you have to call a different number. It’s astonishing, isn’t it, how many address changes there are to make!

    • It is absolutely incredible, Nancy, indeed. It feels like this address-change process has been going on for months (which it has), and I have zero confidence that I’ve managed to contact every person and every company and every organization that I need to. Being a hermit is suddenly looking very appealing.

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