Why oh why didn’t I buy that telephone table?

telephone table

A little less than a year ago, I made a decision – a poor decision, as it turned out – not to snap up this vintage telephone table that was for sale at a shop called Kim’s Kollectibles in Madoc. “Too kitsch,” thought oh-so-sophisticated me. Kitsch? Try useful! What was I thinking?

Not for the first time, I am going to remind all you good readers – and myself at the same time – that when you see something you like, for goodness sakes buy it. Because if you don’t you’ll regret it.

I know the eternal truth of this maxim perfectly well, and yet I keep stupidly failing to follow it. Case in point: the telephone table.

Maybe longtime readers will recall this post, in which I wondered aloud whether Raymond and I had erred in resisting the temptation to buy a vintage (early ’60s, maybe?) telephone table that was on offer at Kim’s Kollectibles in Madoc – the one that you see at the top of today’s post. I loved what a period piece it was (i.e. the period of my childhood here at the Manse, when many homes – though not ours – boasted such a convenience), but I told myself (as did Raymond) that there was no room for it in the Manse’s kitchen, that it was a little too kitschy, etc. etc.

Foodlishness. All foolishness. I should have bought it. Because what do I do now when I have a conversation on our lovely red vintage dial-phone land line at the Manse? This:

makeshift telephone table

This is makeshift, people! And I wouldn’t have to be making shift if I could just plunk that hot-line red phone onto the table part of a telephone table, and my own rear end down in the conveniently attached chair. What was I thinking when I let it slip away? (Oh, and did I mention that it was only $20?)

Ah, but there’s more. Having realized early on in our full-time habitation of the Manse that I should have bought that telephone table last March, I’ve kind of been keeping an eye out for telephone tables recently. And what should cross my field of vision just a few days ago? Why, this absolutely gorgeous one – not kitschy at all, if you ask me:

It was on offer from an outfit called Du Design, Du Retro et du Kitsch, a store on Sainte Catherine Street East in Montreal that I discovered (via its Facebook page) thanks to Raymond’s daughter Dominique, who has excellent taste and a liking for vintage. It was made of teak, beautifully restored, and was $250. I thought about it, but not hard enough and not quickly enough; it was snapped up just a little over an hour after the photo was posted.

So I am still telephone-table-free. But I would like to think that, having let not one but two such beauties slip by, I will not make the same mistake again. Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “Why oh why didn’t I buy that telephone table?

  1. Ha! Funny! When I saw you let that telephone table go by, I thought it might be a mistake. And I just now realized why! Does it not look like the one on the cover the mail-order catalogue that changed hands from mine to yours on our first face to face meeting? Never mind. There will be another. And I have confidence that you will Pounce!

    • That’s true, Lindi! Do you think that if I sent away for that telephone table they’d still send it to me? But aside from that, thank you for your vote of confidence in the future of me and the desired object.

  2. That telephone table is a beauty! Yes, when in doubt, buy, buy, buy. LOL @ the improvised telephone table/clothes dryer — but it looks so “homey”. And where did you ever find a box of Duz in this day and age?

    Oh, well, don’t worry … things could be worse:

    Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert

  3. The telephone stand in the photo appears to be a left-hand model. If one were right-handed, would one have to purchase a mirror-image model or can the seat be rotated [ie, re-mounted or swiveled] 180°?

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