Possibly one winter wonderland too many

the latest winter wonderland in Queensborough

The late-afternoon sun today on a winter wonderland in “downtown” Queensborough. Now, I love a winter wonderland as much as the next person, but I’m beginning to feel like I’ve had my fill this particular winter.

Okay, well, yes, winter is far more beautiful here in the country than it generally is in the city. That’s an observation that Raymond has been making recently and that I made mention of in a post a few days ago that (more or less) celebrated winter in the Queensborough area. Fields of sparkling snow, the deep green of the evergreens set off against a layer of white – all that stuff.

winter wonderland, Manse back yard

Today’s winter wonderland in the Manse’s back yard, suggesting that there is a fair bit of winter left in this apparently endless winter.

But my gracious we have had a lot of snow here in our neck of the woods. And when Raymond and I returned home late last night after a weekend in New England, where the temperature was flirting with 10C, it was a bit of a shock to see that the area North of (Highway) 7 – and actually a bit south of it too – had received yet another very large snowfall, at least six inches’ worth and probably more. It was beautiful, of course, as usual, but – was it going to be a late-night struggle (after a very long drive) to get the car into our driveway?

We needn’t have worried. Our neighbour John, who comes over and plows the snow very regularly for us, had been on the job in our absence, having had to haul out not just the plow but also the snowblower because there was such an accumulation. The driveway and walkway were perfectly clear and passable – a nice welcome back to the Manse.

And I should add that the roads in and around Queensborough, rural though they may be, were also in fine shape thanks to our local snowplow driver, my old schoolmate Ronnie. Here is a little video that our friends at the downtown Queensborough business Pronk Canada (a brilliant machine shop run by Jos Pronk, the guy who can, in the words of another Queensborough friend, “make anything”) posted one late December night when the snow was falling heavily yet again, showing Ronnie coming around the corner and getting the job done so that the rest of us could get around in the morning.

As Marykay said in that delightful Facebook post, “When it is really bad outside you really are thankful when Ronnie comes by.” Indeed! And Raymond and I are also very thankful when John comes by.

And much as I love the beauty of winter in the country, I will be really, really thankful when spring comes by.

20 thoughts on “Possibly one winter wonderland too many

  1. Six more weeks of winter according to groundhog legend! You’re lucky you live on a road that is ploughed by the municipality. Westall Lane is down to one lane, making it exciting when you come over the crest of one of the hills, wondering who might be coming the other way!

  2. You people “up there” are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery! Our winter is kinda dull and only semi-warm. In fact, it was quite cool in only my light jacket this morning when I walked up the street to get a morning paper. …GnG (sorry, perhaps sarcasm is not in good taste)

    • Ah yes, winter sports. I know I should like them but… You know what I would like a whole lot more, Scott? A taste of those yummy-looking homemade peanut butter cups that you shared on your Facebook page the other day!

      • All gone, sadly. But the recipe is coming soon to a blog near you!

        I am with you on winter sports, but I have to admit snowshoes are much better than I imagined.

  3. It sure is nice to see a white blanket of snow covering the landscape. I am sure it has been a great winter for those people making a living snowplowing or winter related stuff like selling shovels, snow blowers, Snowmobiles, skies and snow shoes. Just to name a few. It will be nice to see spring come. As my 3 year daughter keeps telling me. Dad summer is coming soon.

    • Bless your daughter’s heart, Greg – she gives us all hope. As for the people doing well thanks to the weather, you forgot one group: the people selling abrasives to put down on driveways and walkways. At one point in December there seemed to be none to be had anywhere – all sold out!

  4. I am loving this winter. Despite all the road dangers my near and dear ones face. Shovelling, bird feeders, neighbourly kvetching about the weather, that Canadian survival thing. Stay safe you Q’boro lot!

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