A homely artifact for our kitchen

My Kitchen Prayer

Here’s one of my latest finds from the local thrift shop. Do you remember plates like these? If you, like me, grew up in the 1960s in rural Ontario (or perhaps in rural Anywhere, North America), I expect you do. Many, many kitchens had this kind of an ornament mounted on the wall, with a few words, usually in the form of a little poem, about the preparation of food and adding a wish for God’s good graces on it and on the place it was prepared. Very sweet and, to my mind, very homely. (In that British sense of the word: “simple but cozy and comfortable, as in one’s own home.”)

So now my thrift-store find graces the pantry at the Manse, the rather cramped space (we’re talking pre-renovation, of course) where Raymond and I do in fact carry out food preparation and cooking. (And lord knows that when we both try to do it in that tiny space we probably do need a dose of grace, to keep us from ungodly language as we get in each other’s way.)

My new Kitchen Prayer plate cost next to nothing, so I couldn’t possibly pass it up. But what made it even more appealing was a tiny sticker on the back of it:

Giftcraft stickerDo you remember seeing that sticker on the backs or bottoms of the knick-knacks and tchotchkes that made up the household decor of your youth? Maybe not the ubiquitous Blue Mountain pottery (since that was made right here in Ontario and therefore didn’t have to be imported), but lots and lots of other items that collected dust on household shelves. And hey, guess what? I just checked, and Giftcraft is still in business! “For over 70 years, Giftcraft has earned the trust of retailers and consumers worldwide by offering a diverse array of on-trend décor, jewelry, apparel, accessories and giftware at competitive prices,” the company’s website tells us.

I think that’s ever so nice. But somehow I doubt that there are too many “My Kitchen Prayer” plates left in Giftcraft’s repertoire. Thank goodness I found one!

6 thoughts on “A homely artifact for our kitchen

  1. That is really cute! Yes, I remember plates like that, and I have a similar one (likely not from Giftcraft, though). Mine has a drawing of a small house (in a pretty rural setting), with a stone walkway leading to the front door. It looks like a very peaceful place. There are flowers around the drawing, and this verse:


    My house is small
    No mansion for a millionaire
    But there is room for love
    And there is room for friends
    That’s all I care

    Value Village is a place where this sort of plate sometimes comes up. Always worth taking a browse there.

    • I love the wording on your plate! I think I neglected to tell you that I did check out the Belleville Value Village a little while back, but it was the end of the day toward the end of the week, and I think the real treasures had been pretty well picked over. Was very tempted, though, by a partial set of a The Complete Works of Charles Dickens, just like the one my grandparents once had…

  2. Do you remember home parties called plaque parties? – for moms and the neighbourhood ladies. The kind of event where a lady would display ceramic plaques in a variety of decors (we had several styles, as my mom could never see a hopeful salesperson go away discouraged). They branched out into TV lamps at one point. Must go see if the Google remembers…

  3. Not that this is related to kitchen wall plates, but I thought you might like to see another old house that’s undergoing a transformation. This is around the corner from where you would have lived on Granby Street. I was across from this house today. Having the house moved from one side of the lot to the other was one thing, but this later “enhancement” is quite something!


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