My Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven dinnerware from Lace and Yarn

Isn’t it heavenly? This photo of Blue Heaven dinnerware comes from the blog Lace and Yarn (, whose writer, Betsy Busch, loves the stuff as much as I do.

May I show off my fine china?

Okay, it’s not fine china at all. It’s heavy-duty workaday stuff, and once upon a time it was very common indeed in the kitchens and dining rooms of North America,

But it’s a classic midcentury modern pattern, and it is turquoise (a great Manse colour) and white, and – I love it.

The pattern is called Blue Heaven, and as you will learn if you go to this post at the blog Lace and Yarn (whence came the photo at the top of this post, a nicer one than I could take of my own Blue Heaven), the dinnerware was made by the Royal China Company of Sebring, Ohio.

I first came upon a few pieces of it at some antiques barn or other somewhere in our travels – Raymond and I make it a point to stop at all the antiques barns we can when we’re on road trips – and have been adding to my collection ever since. I don’t, unfortunately, yet have any of the turquoise cups that you can see in the photo, but we have lots of plates and soup bowls and even a few serving dishes.

And they make me happy every time I look at them. Come on over for dinner at the Manse sometime and they can make you happy too!

8 thoughts on “My Blue Heaven

  1. Oh, I’ll be keeping my eye out for this pattern for you from now on! And I’ll be humming “My Blue Heaven,” which was one of my mother’s favourite songs, while I’m combing the flea markets.

    • Thanks, Kirwan! I’ve actually used to replace a piece of another set of china, so know how useful they can be. But I kind of like the thrill of the chase (and the discovery) when it comes to Blue Heaven – there’s nothing like finding a piece or two for a song at a yard sale!

  2. The vintage pattern “Heavenly Days” by Vernonware is very similar and might coordinate nicely in a pinch. If it was me, I’d toss in (not literally of course) some of the pink version “Tickled Pink,” just because I like to walk on the wild side.

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