More fun with vintage games

Vintage gamesI believe it’s time to update you on how the Manse’s collection of vintage games is coming along. To add to the good stuff already acquired – Twister, Monopoly, Masterpiece, Stock Ticker, Pit, Rack-O and so on – in recent weeks I’ve added several new (old) treasures found in local thrift shops. And here they are! There’s Probe (a word-guessing game, and my late paternal grandmother’s favourite pastime), Password (remember how you could only read the “password” printed in red through the red plastic screen in the vinyl card holder? Thrilling stuff), Hi-Q (a classic, good for endless hours of annoyance) – and the orange triangle is, I think, a bit more rare, one called 3 Blind Mice. (As I dimly recall, the game had something to do with not letting the long tails of the plastic mice stick out from under the wedge of plastic “cheese.” Actually, perhaps I am going to have to read the instructions.)

I’m quite proud of the growing collection of games from the era of my childhood and early teenage years here at the Manse. But in case you’re wondering, I want you to know that I won’t buy just anything. No, people, I resisted the urge when I came upon this mid-’70s find in the Madoc thrift shop two or three weeks ago:

CB Radio game

Then again, the last time I was in the shop it was still there. Maybe I should reconsider…

2 thoughts on “More fun with vintage games

  1. One word: Parcheesi. Best name ever, even if you can’t play it (as in ancient India or the Canadian Senate) with costumed servants as pieces on elegant boards. If you can find a vintage 1960s version, it would be a worthy addition to your collection. (Met my wife at a boring party over an excruciating game of Stock Ticker, by the way, which has been paying dividends ever since.)

    • Best Stock Ticker story I’ve ever heard! And Parcheesi, yeah – a game I’ve known about all my life, but from a distance. I’ve never played it, but it was pretty popular back in my youth, I believe. I am confident that the yard sales of the Madoc area will cough one up before too long!

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