Come spring, Queensborough is going to look very spiffy

Queensborough street signs

Our little village’s new street signs, soon to be erected and looking ever so elegant. Made right here in Queensborough, by Pronk Canada Inc.! And by the way, I feel the cat in the photo just makes everything that much better. (Photo by Marykay York-Pronk)

As I wrote yesterday, it’s still very much the mud season – though this evening it’s veering back into hard-core winter, with the temperature dropping and snow falling – here in Queensborough. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we are all looking forward to spring, and I’m happy to report – hey, since I’m a journalist, I figure I’m the unofficial head of the Queensborough news bureau – that when spring does eventually come, some very nice new additions to our village’s streetscape will be made.

Thanks to the hard work of dedicated volunteers on Queensborough’s beautification and community-centre committees, we will have elegant new street signs and a sign explaining a bit about the history of this pretty little place. How about that?

The street signs are extra-special in that they, along with the poles and hardware they will be mounted on, have been designed and made right here in Queensborough! The hugely talented Jos Pronk – I wrote about another of Jos’s amazing projects here – has made them at his Pronk Canada Inc. machine shop right here in “downtown” Queensborough. (Jos’s shop is in the building that was for many years one of the two general stores.)

Those signs will mark the streets in Queensborough – of which there are not very many, which is part of its charm – and point the way to public buildings like St. Andrew’s United Church and the Queensborough Community Centre. And they look terrific, as you can see from the photo atop this post.

The historical sign, meanwhile, will be erected close to the Black River that runs through the centre of the village, the place where visitors inevitably stop and admire the view, and sometimes take some photos. The text (written, I must confess, by yours truly, a member of the Queensborough Community Centre committee) gives a brief outline of our village, from its earliest settlement by First Nations people through to the establishment of the first industries, the grist mill and sawmill around which a village grew up, and through to modern times, including the heady days of the Rock Acres Peace Festival. Here is a photo, which won’t be big enough to allow you to read the text but will let you see how it will look:

Queensborough historical sign

Our new sign about the history of Queensborough. The text is by me, so if you find any mistakes (once it’s been erected and you can actually read the words), it’s all my fault!

So once these signs get erected, three things will be true: one, everybody who comes through will know what street they’re on and where the important buildings are; two, they’ll be able to learn a bit about the history of this place; and three – it will be spring! At last!

17 thoughts on “Come spring, Queensborough is going to look very spiffy

  1. Great idea for nice new signs, now I won’t get lost when I ride through Queensboro on my motorcycle…..I also like the ” history of Queensboro” sign….hey!!! where is the Meanwhile at the Manse sign!!!……Bob McKeown Stirling

    • Somehow I think your tongue is at least a little bit in your cheek when you suggest getting lost in tiny Queensborough, Bob, but thank you for the kind words about our village’s new signs! I don’t know about a Meanwhile, at the Manse sign, but if you’re passing through on your bike you should be sure to stop in and say hey. Lord knows I’ve posted enough photos of it that you’ll know which house it is!

  2. The big blue sign enlarges and can be read easily onscreen (as Hilary noted), and the information is very interesting. The new signs look terrific. What will happen to the older signs that are being replaced? Could residents buy them for keepsake? And nice that the signs were created by local residents; its’s good to see the local economy benefiting!

    • Totally agreed that it’s a real bonus to have the street signs made right here in Queensborough, Sash – and the historical sign is also locally sourced, though not quite as locally – it comes from a company in Campbellford, which is a little more than an hour’s drive southwest of here. (And is where my family moved in 1975 when we left Queensborough, as it happens.) As for the old signs – hmmm… Collector’s items? Maybe!

      • Your right about not quite locally Katherine. Too bad Pronk Canada Inc. didn’t get asked to bid on the historical sign. It is good to support our businesses in our municipality. That’s what keeps us hear for years to come! Maybe next time. And the old street signs that will be replaced the Municipality of Tweed will have to decide on their future.

      • Mk, the work the Campbellford company has done is primarily design – layout, typeface, figuring out which photos to use and at what size, and not least, forcing me to cut down the amount of text so everything would fit!

  3. It most certainly will be an exciting spring if it ever gets here! The Beautification Committee is constantly meeting to discuss new ideas and add enhancement for the village. Thanks to the Municipality of Tweed and the many volunteers that give there time and effort in making our hamlet inviting for people passing through. Your added historical sign will be a lovely compliment for everyone.

    • Everything is coming together so nicely, mk, isn’t it? I just can’t wait for the good weather to come so that we (and all the world) can actually see the results of all this hard work!

  4. Kudos to the village beautification committee – what a fine village and what great people.
    And I agree with the comment above – Meanwhile at the Manse is doing its best to put Q’boro on the map, Perhaps Q’boro should add the Manse to its map! (not that the inhabitants would wish it so).

    • Kudos to that Lindi 🙂 Meanwhile at the Manse our OFFICIAL Queensborough news bureau is a very added bonus to keeping Queensborough alive again. You know at one time or maybe it still is, our little village was listed as a ghost town? Now that is a story in itself!!!!

      • Hey, mk, your kind words about this blog mean more than you can know – thank you! I am so happy to do my bit to let the world know about this very special place we live in. Now: please share what you know about our (wrongful) “ghost town” designation! My goodness, was whoever did that out to lunch!

  5. In Toronto, the City offers their old street signs for sale. People like to have them to put up on the back fence, or nailed to a tree, etc. If the old Queensborough signs become available, it might be nice to have a souvenir of bygone days. I checked the site of the people who made the new signs, and I saw a tribute photo — so, their shop is the former “Bobby’s” general store? Nice to see a business still operating, and one that takes such pride in its work.

  6. The entire Beautification exercise, evident in each and every effort to rejuvenate the Spirit that is any quaint little spot, not to mention that specific to our Queensborough, has brought this writer to tears on more than one occasion these last few months I have been following via this lovely blog… Whatever essence of times past in “the Q.” might be regained, [and some may not, just because that was then, and this is now], may well be that much better, simply because it is backed by conscious and persistent efforts of a community that by sheer Will & Determination, are devoted to making it a tribute to those who paved the way, and a shining example of rural life, a quite beacon if you will, for those present and yet to come…. Bravo one and all!

    • Ruthanne, your comment brought me to tears. Thank you so much (on behalf of all the people who work to keep historic Queensborough a beautiful place) for your kind words on that work, and (on my own behalf) for your kind words about Meanwhile, at the Manse. It is just lovely to hear from people like you who grew up here or otherwise have a connection to our community, encouraging us in our work. It makes it all worthwhile. And hey: stay tuned for news about “Historic Queensborough Day,” coming up this September!

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