This winter’s snow: you have to laugh, right?

free snowI laughed out loud when I came across this sign while walking through Queensborough yesterday during a bright, sparkling – and very cold – late morning. The weather folks all say it’s been the harshest winter in decades, and as I write this – at the end of another sparkling day that started out brutally cold but warmed up nicely – the forecasters are saying that the middle of this week is going to return to nasty: freezing rain, snow, the whole nine yards. Will it ever end? And: how did it happen that this tough winter, of all winters, should be the first that Raymond and I spend at the Manse?

But I do have to hand it to these folks in Queensborough for taking the right approach to the situation. Because if you didn’t laugh, well, what would you do?

11 thoughts on “This winter’s snow: you have to laugh, right?

  1. If this keeps up Katherine we just might have to make this sign match the street signs that will be maybe a permanent fixture if spring never gets here!! O and I had to laugh too when I first saw it because our great neighbour GG while passing by decided to help us out with the snow removal for the village. 🙂 The funny thing is we had no takers. 😦 just Mr. Sunshine.

    • Of course I laugh ! And I add : can you deliver the free snow in my garden in France before the end of the week ? Ah ah ah !!
      Here, it’s spring and the flower are growing, it’s nice !
      Good luck with the winter dear Katherine !

  2. I could be wrong, but I think your neighbour might have gotten off on the lucky side …

    Still, whatever the amount of snow, we’ll all be glad to see it go. I took a photo of Winter leaving at 12.56 today, and then a photo of Spring arriving at 12.57. For some reason, I didn’t see any difference!

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