Cloudy night with river, bridge and moon, Queensborough

Moon over Queensborough

Photo by Jos Pronk.

Isn’t this a strikingly beautiful photo? It was taken by Jos Pronk, who, with his wife, Marykay, lives in a historic building (it had been a general store since early in the 19th century) in the centre of Queensborough, across from the Black River – a most scenic spot. On the Facebook page of Jos’s machine-shop business, Pronk Canada Inc., Marykay often posts gorgeous photos of the views from their windows at different times of the year. But I really think this one takes the cake. And I was not alone in thinking so, judging by the comments it garnered at the Pronk Canada Facebook page and also when the Facebook page of Country Roads magazine (“Celebrating Life in Hastings County“) picked it up. “Astonishing,” wrote one commenter. “One of the coolest pics ever,” wrote another. “This is beautiful and eerie at the same time,” was another comment.

One person said she’d at first mistaken it for an oil painting – as had I, actually. To me it looks rather like the work of American artist Edward Hopper (of whom I am a big fan); the only thing missing is a Hopper-esque glimpse of a solitary man or woman in one of the upstairs windows of the building across the street (also a historic former general store and, before that, a hotel).

When I asked Jos and Marykay if I might share the photo here, I learned a little bit more about it, though Jos was very modest. It “was made from our upstairs living room window facing the dam on a particular evening while the moon was at its best,” he said. “When I walk around the house every day or night I see things that appeal to me at that very moment, and have to take a pic of it for a keepsake.”

I am so glad you did, Jos – and that you folks shared it with us all!

5 thoughts on “Cloudy night with river, bridge and moon, Queensborough

  1. Jos… a man of many talents. And a Hopperesque photo?… if you look in the right-hand window of the upper floor, that could just be a face, couldn’t it?

    • Oh, mk, you can say that again! You can’t imagine how many times I’ve wished that about the Manse. The stories it could tell! And imagine all that we could hear from your historic home!

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